Yakuza-themed love hotel rooms! Best for couples, friends, and business gatherings, owners say


Jail cell, interrogation room and crime lord’s office all available.

The Ajito hotel in the city of Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefectureis what japan calls a “love hotel,” a hotel that rents out rooms not only for the night, but also for shorter stays of around two hours for couples who want some privacy to, say, express their affection for each other in non-verbal manners.

Some hotel rooms more or less look like regular hotel rooms (albeit with an unusually large bed and bath), but they’re often themed, for couples who appreciate some fantastical elements in their consenting adult activities . So when you hear that Ajito has added a block of rooms where the theme in ninkyo, which translates to “chivalrous spirit”, one would think that the rooms are decorated like the castle of a medieval knight or a samurai lord. Ninkyo, however, is also used to describe the yakuza kind of films and tales, and the Hotel Ninkyoas Ajito calls the block of newly renovated rooms, is to surround yourself with the atmosphere of Japanese organized crime networks.

There are a total of eight ninkyo rooms, all located on the second floor of the hotel. The most dramatic is the prison cell style bedroom pictured above, which the hotel boasts a “a wall of authentic iron bars [so] you can taste the feeling of being a prisoner.

If you prefer to feel like a gangster on the loose, Hotel Ninkyo has several rooms designed as the donation offices of fictional Yakuza clans.

Or, if you feel most alive when teetering on that vertiginous precipice between freedom and incarceration, there is a police station hall, with interrogation areas.

If you’re a law-abiding non-linguist still looking for the word ninkyo Sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you remember Ninkyo Cafe, the yakuza-themed restaurant that opened in Nagoya last year. Unfortunately, the cafe has since closed, but the rooms at Hotel Ninkyo have been completed with the help of Choeki Taroa virtual YouTuber who draws on his own life experiences with the criminal society and who also helped design the Ninkyo Cafe.

It should be noted that while the vast majority of people would call Ajito a love hotel, the management prefers the term “leisure hotel”, as it is said, its rooms can also be used as a place for parties with friends, a girl’s night out, business meetings, photo shoots and even video viewing parties for fans of the same idol singer or character of anime. It should be noted however that the ninkyo room is still offered in the usual non-overnight short stay time blocks that all love hotel rooms are, so there is no guarantee that a couple will not have not just do the deed in the room right before it’s cleaned and you check in, you might want to keep that in mind (or mentally block it out) before booking a room for a gathering chaste and platonic.

Hotel information
Ajito Hotel555 Gotemba 2 / 隠家 HOTEL555 御殿場2
Address: Shizuoka-ken, Gotemba-shi, Shibanta 962

Source: PRTimes
Top image: PR Times
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