“We manage hotel services, food and drink; No bathing services ”



… .The Sakumono Serenity Resort deplores a police raid

The management of the Serenity Beach Resort hotel lamented the unfortunate closure of their hotel which is located along Sakumono Beach in Accra especially when they have invested so much in the hope of harvesting during this Easter vacation.

Hotel officials say the hotel is not a swimmable beach, and they see no reason why police should raid the hotel on unlikely COVID-19 protocols.

“We have guests in the rooms, there is food and drink in the restaurant but people cannot come and buy because the police have put up a barrier everywhere and are preventing people from coming to eat at the restaurant,” said Mr. Stephen Yeboah, Manager of the Hotel said.

He explained that the facility has a fence wall separating the hotel from the beach.

“The hotel has sleeping clients, restaurants, bars, just like La Palm Beach hotel, Labadi Beach Hotel, are also along the beach but they have been allowed to operate during this time,” he said. he lamented.

He further stated that the government was not being fair to the Serenity Beach Resort Hotel because their activities and operations are identical to those of other hotels along the country’s beaches.

“This tourist facility is a local hotel and entirely Ghanaian, we pay taxes like other hotels that have been allowed to operate and therefore we have to enjoy the same benefits,” replied Mr. Yeboah.

Management expects the government to promote indigenous businesses owned by Ghanaians, but this does not apply like this in their case.

He therefore called on the government to reconsider its decision to close their hotel and allow them to operate.

“We have had financial problems since the COVID-19 pandemic set in and things have been very difficult for us, so they should spare us this type of treatment,” he said.

He maintained that they should be allowed to operate and are always ready to allow police to monitor their COVID-19 security compliance measures.

“If the hotel closure continues, it will affect our business, especially around this Easter holiday season,” Yeboah pleaded.

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