The total operating capacity of tourist facilities in the Maldives increased to 967


Another tourist accommodation facility has reopened to tourists in the Maldives, bringing the total operating capacity to 967.

The latest weekly statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism on Friday revealed that the total operational capacity of tourist accommodation establishments across the Maldives has risen to 967, including 164 resorts, 642 guesthouses, 12 hotels and 149 boats. cruising.

The number of operational beds also increased to 54,618, including 39,064 in resorts, 1,424 in hotels, 11,206 in guesthouses and 2,924 in safari boats.

The Maldives currently has a capacity of 1,172 tourist facilities, including 152 safari boats, 851 hotels and guesthouses, and 169 resorts. This means that out of the total capacity of the facilities, three safari ships, five resorts, 197 guesthouses and hotels have yet to resume operations.

On January 1, the ministry also facilitated the introduction of Homestay in the Maldives, with the first of its kind launched on Dhiggaru Island in Meemu Atoll. This falls under the President’s Tourism Development Vision and Policy aimed at making tourism and its benefits accessible to island communities.

Almost four months after the borders were closed, the Maldives reopened the borders on July 15, 2020 and initially resorts and cruise ships were given the green light to begin operations. Guesthouses outside the Greater Male region were allowed to resume operations on October 15, 2020. Authorities allowed guesthouses to reopen in the capital region on December 14, 2020.


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