The 9 craziest themed hotel rooms in the United States


At the very least, hotels should always be clean, safe, and comfortable places to stay during your trip. At the other end of the spectrum, some properties are coveted for their over-the-top luxury or perks. But for those looking for something truly unique, it’s the hotel rooms with a creative edge that will always stand out in your travel memories. From movie star tributes to historical re-enactments, some accommodations are more than just a place to spend the night. Read on to see the craziest themed hotel rooms in the US

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The craziest themed hotel rooms

1. The Beagle Suite at the Dog Bark Park Inn – Cottonwood, Idaho

Just because you travel doesn’t mean you stop being a dog lover. And for anyone worried about missing their four-legged friend while they’re on the road, there’s a property worth checking out.

“An extremely unique hotel is the Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho,” says Jennifer Gregoire, founder and CEO of Vegas Food&Fun. “He is also best known as the world’s largest beagle, and as the name suggests, the hotel is shaped like a huge beagle dog!”

Naturally, the hotel maintains the commitment to live dogs throughout the property, including who else is permitted to stay with. “The hotel stays with the theme by offering all sorts of dog-inspired items, including dog-shaped cookies,” says Gregory. “You can book a room for up to four people, and you’re allowed to bring a dog with you as long as it’s approved by the hotel first.”

2. Conestoga Wagons at Capitol Reef Resort – Torrey, Utah

In addition to a place to stay for the night, truly unique hotels must offer an experience. And while quirky hotel rooms are almost always a standout on any trip, a property even incorporates its surroundings into the pattern.

“One of the most impressive themed hotels is Conestoga Wagons at the Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey, Utah,” says Alison Meacham, founder of Everything Mouse. “With a night in a Conestoga wagon, you can travel back to the mid-1800s and the days of America’s warm pioneers. At this hotel, you can sleep under the stars, like the pioneers did, surrounded by the natural beauty of Utah. Red cliffs.”

“The resort’s six luxury carriages, which can accommodate up to six people, are inspired by 19th-century design and traditional Western decor. Relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine and gaze up at the sky afterwards. evening work.” she said, adding that stays are available from June to October.

And the surrounding natural beauty leaves plenty to explore. “Capitol Reef National Park is less than five miles from the resort. And you’ll see the Milky Way as clearly as settlers did over 150 years ago at this gold-rated International Dark Sky Park,” says Meacham.

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3. The Caverns Suite at Grand Canyon Caverns – Peach Springs, Arizona

Some themed hotel rooms rely on kitsch decor, wild paint colors, and hilarious bathtubs. Others are simply built over millions of years by an inland sea.

“The Grand Canyon Caverns Suite in Peach Springs, Arizona has to be one of the most overwhelming places to stay for a night. Why? It’s 70 feet underground.” Samuel Charmingfounder of Artmajeur, tells Better life.

“I certainly felt like a daredevil during my stay there because the hotel enchants you with a magical feeling of dread, which makes your heart race,” he says. “It’s thrilling, scary and fantastic – I just wouldn’t recommend this place to my claustrophobic friends! It has all the necessary amenities and is quite comfortable if you take away the fact that you’re below the surface of the Earth,” he said.

Even if you’re not ready to spend an entire night in the caves, you can still visit the area during the day for a visit. But on October 24, a group of tourists ended their journey underground to discover that the site’s elevator had broken down. Since some of the group couldn’t climb the 21 flights of stairs through the security exit, they opted to wait in the comfort of the suite – as well as grab a bite to eat at the cave restaurant – while waiting for a rescue lift. Luckily, everyone was pulled out of the caves unharmed.

4. House of the Retro Future Suite at Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground – Anaheim, CA

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be adopted by the Jetsons, you might be able to get a taste of it by staying at the Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground. The property’s House of the Retro Future Suite channels all the familiar space-age elements, including mid-century modern decor with touches like a record player and original artwork.

“It is a tribute to the elements of the house of the original Monstano future and honors our heritage of mid-century modern design,” says Jonathan Whitehead, managing director at Howard Johnson in Anaheim. “It’s more than just a hotel suite. It’s an experience.”

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5. Fifi at Hicksville Trailer Palace – Joshua Tree, CA

Some hotel suites use luxurious linens, bespoke furnishings, and stylish accessories to make a statement. But at Hicksville Trailer Palace, in the remote desert of Joshua Tree, California, accommodation lives up to the timeless quote from the beloved country music icon Dolly Parton: “It is very expensive to look so cheap.”

Guests who choose to spend their night in Fifi’s trailer will be treated to a kind of glamor that’s long gone, thanks to a full vanity mirror, a set of wigs to choose from, shag carpeting and a pattern of really retro purple design. And as any starlet trailer should, this one has a small outdoor seating area that stretches out to the hotel’s heated pool.

6. The Haunted Castle at Haunted Castle Adventure Suites – North Conway, New Hampshire

Usually, people do everything possible to avoid sleeping in a scary environment. But for those looking to get into the spooky spirit, a set of New England suites might provide just what you need.

“Adventure Suites’ Haunted Castle in North Conway, New Hampshire has to top the list of the craziest themed hotel rooms,” says Anthony Radchenko, travel expert and co-founder at Air Advisor. “It’s the perfect place for those who like all things scary. The hotel has a tower staircase with a skull-shaped balustrade, Ouija boards, a king’s throne made of bones and an asylum, to name a few. Its dark hallways are also sure to chill you to the core. Plus, the screams of a caged animatronic woman are the perfect jump scare. .

Other past visitors suggest satisfying your morbid curiosity and exploring the seemingly endless surprises. “Have a drink at the catwalk bar, check out the spooky family portraits on the tower stairs, tour the asylum and the birdcage, or take an Instagram photo in the coffin when you’re not scared of the things that happen at night and unexpected scary guests,” says Elaine Warrenfounder and CEO of The Family Cruise Companion.

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7. Love Me Tender, Love Me Suite at Gulf Hills Hotel&Resort – Ocean Springs, Mississippi

There’s no shortage of shrines to Elvis Presley: the rock & roll pioneer remains one of pop culture’s most recognizable figures, even decades after his untimely death. But while some installations may use his likeness to pay homage, a themed suite actually housed the legend himself.

“The King – otherwise known as ElvisOf course, I stayed in the three-bedroom area above the lobby of this classic historic property in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Not just one night, but all summer – for several years! – in the 1950s”, Charles McCooltravel expert and founder of McCool Travel, says Better life. “Apparently a separate emergency entrance allowed his group to sneak into groupies and select fans.”

“People can rent the same suite and create their own pilgrimage experience, or just stay there because it’s a super cool hotel experience. The suite has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a bar and is decorated much the same as when Elvis was staying there. There are lots of Elvis memorabilia in every room and in the hallway,” he says

8. The Curtis Hotel Disco Room – Denver, Colorado

Many bad hotel reviews begin by saying that a property seems to be stuck in a bygone era. But at The Curtis, guests can actually choose to step back to the 1970s with a stay in the Disco Room, which features retro touches like lava lamps, a stack of vinyl records, a shag rug, and even carpets. roller skates. But return accommodation is just one of many options among the hotel’s “hyper-themed rooms.”

“At the heart of everything The Curtis does is an air of whimsy and creativity,” says Lizzie Raudenbush, general manager of the hotel. “You can see this in our lobby and rooms, but also through our guest experience. Although many of our guests are here for business or just passing through, we want to make this as memorable an experience as it is for those traveling through the country to stay in one of our hyper-themed rooms. We want guests to feel like part of our quirky family.”

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9. The Swiss Family Robison Suite at The Anniversary Inn—5th South—Salt Lake City, Utah

Themed hotel rooms feature varying degrees of intensity and commitment to the motif. But at a Utah hotel, there are no half-hearted attempts to create over-the-top accommodations, just very different ways to experience the property.

“The Anniversary Inn—5th South in Salt Lake City has 36 rooms, each with its own theme,” says Leslie Gilmour, travel blogger and CEO of Outdoor Scott. “The Swiss Family Robison Suite is one of the bolder options, with the bed actually being in a tree.”

Luckily, guests won’t have to climb to sleep thanks to a spiral staircase connecting your sleeping area to the floor. But the room has a “stunning mountain waterfall cascading into the jetted tub” and a TV designed to be watched from the treetops.


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