Swindon hotel staff feel ‘screwed’ after suddenly losing their jobs


STAFF at a hotel in Swindon have lost their jobs without notice, it has been claimed.

The advertiser was told that all workers at Thistle Express on Islington Street, apart from some maintenance staff, were made redundant on Monday.

GLH Hotels, which operates the downtown hotel, did not respond to the advertiser’s requests for comment.

About 11 of the 13 co-workers employed by the business owner GLH Hotels as well as about 10 members of the housekeeping team who were hired by a third party are jobs that would have been lost.

A former employee who wished to remain anonymous told Adver: “Due to the suddenness of the announcement, as well as the increased cost of living, there is a lot of sadness and anger circulating.

“We feel like we were screwed at the worst possible time.”

On Tuesday, Adver reported that every date after September 26 has been crossed out on the hotel’s website to indicate that no guests can check in at any time in the rest of this year or early in the year. ‘next year.

Another source who wished to remain anonymous informed us that the Home Office could now take over the building with a one-year contract for all intents and purposes, and that a company working on behalf of the body governmental will help to accommodate the asylum seekers in the old hotel.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Office does not comment on operational arrangements for individual hotels.

“The use of hotels to accommodate asylum seekers is unacceptable and we are working with local authorities to find suitable accommodation across the UK.”

The Home Office aims to provide safe accommodation for destitute asylum seekers who need it and is working to end the use of hotels, which are believed to be costing UK taxpayers nearly £5m a day .

Accommodation providers are responsible for identifying suitable temporary accommodation that can be used for this purpose and engaging with local authorities around the proposed use of the sites.

During a brief visit to the hotel lobby on Tuesday, a staff member told our reporter that the building was now “a quarantine hotel”, so only certain people were allowed in for security reasons. , and anyone else should leave immediately.

GLH Hotels did not respond to the Advertiser’s requests.


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