Solar-powered floating pods are 5-star hotel rooms that sail the sea


A designer has created luxury floating pods destined to revolutionize seaside hospitality. The brainchild of Pierpaolo Lazzarini, founder of Lazzarini Design Studio Pearlsuite’s are emission-free 5-star floating abodes that are capable of sailing the sea. Ideal for existing and future resorts, the easy-to-build module allows hoteliers to increase the number of suites in a property in a matter of weeks at a very low cost according to the design studio. Measuring 7m in diameter, the Pearlsuite offers up to 22m² of interior space as well as an outdoor terrace within walking distance. Fully self-contained, it is equipped with solar panels that generate clean, green energy to power air conditioning, lighting and other appliances. The suites can also be equipped with an electric motor and are therefore capable of self-positioning or cruising at 5 knots from point A to B. The pods have been designed specifically for their Italian colleague Jet Capsule, which specializes in futuristic and sustainable ships. . Inside, each capsule is equipped with the best modern amenities such as a fridge, TV and a double bed. In addition, there is an outdoor terrace with direct access to the water. The roof is also retractable, allowing guests to rest in complete privacy after a day of sunbathing at sea.


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