Slovak patients dissatisfied with “hotel services” in hospitals



In a table compiled by private insurer Dôvera, thousands of patients ranked the best and worst healthcare facilities in Slovakia.

On the basis of questionnaires completed by more than 6,300 patients who had been treated in one of the Slovak hospitals last year, the private health insurance company Dôvera compiled for the twelfth time a table of the best medical establishments.

As usual, the overall levels of nursing care and patient information are the highest, said Dôvera CEO Martin Kultan, as quoted by the SITA news wire.

At the other end of the graph, satisfaction vis-à-vis the so-called “hotel services“. that is, with meals, accommodation and cleaning, was the lowest.

“None of the patients interviewed assessed the expertise of the doctors or the treatment methods used,” Kultan told SITA. “But anyone can assess the quality of the accommodation, the approach to the staff and their condition after discharge from the hospital. The subjective satisfaction of patients is one of the crucial indices that we take into account when concluding contracts with medical institutions.

Patients rated hospitals by ranking them from one (best) to five (worst).

Who won in the Dôvera poll

In the category of University Hospitals, the winner is the University Children’s Hospital with Polyclinic in Banská Bystrica. In the category of general hospitals, St Michael’s Hospital in Bratislava won, the newswire wrote on March 13. The general hospital of Nové Zámky and the university hospital of Nitra are ranked the lowest.

As for the regions, Bratislava and PreÅ¡ov were rated the best, while Nitra and Trnava were the worst, according to the assessment of patients from Dôvera. (Slovakia has three health insurers, two private and one public, editor’s note.)

INEKO has different results

The INEKO think tank (Institute for Economic and Social Reforms and NGOs), which assesses Slovak hospitals every year, however, came to different conclusions. Nitra University Hospital, which scored poorly in Dôvera’s poll, was rated second best by INEKO.

“We look at the last four years, the data from the four health insurers and four categories of indices: patient satisfaction, quality of medical care, management and transparency,” said Dušan ZACHAR, an analyst at INEKO , on public service radio Rádio Slovensko. “So we have different criteria. Patient satisfaction, now assessed by Dôvera, represents 20% in our table, ”he said on the radio on March 13.

On the side of specialized institutes, the Institut d’oncologie de Sainte-Élisabeth won, and in the “other hospitals” category, TETIS (a specialized rehabilitation hospital for children) took the first position, while among spas, Nimnica spa, Natural Iodine Spa Číž and Lúčky spa were ranked first, while the spas of Å tós, VyÅ¡né Ružbachy and Sliač were rated as the worst by 3,000 respondents.

In the INEKO ranking, the military hospital in Ružomberok, the university hospital in Nitra and the FN Roosevelt hospital in Banská Bystrica rank the best, while the Ľubovňa hospital, the private hospital in Košice-Šaca and the hospital in Poprad were rated as the worst.

Both complete tables can be viewed on the due websites.

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