Sicko (22) sexually assaulted two women after cheating on hotel staff to obtain key cards


One woman said she was left with “trauma reminders” after being sexually assaulted by a man who snuck into hotel rooms to commit his sickening crimes.

Ugo Delgado, 22, of Navestock Crescent in Woodford Green, London, was jailed for 10 years after attacking two women and sexually assaulting them while they were staying at two hotels in the capital.

He was convicted in an August trial of penetrating assault, sexual assault and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offense, Metropolitan Police said.

On the same day, Delgado pleaded guilty to the whistleblower charge – an offense he committed while awaiting trial while in custody against a prison guard.

Delgado targeted his first victim – a woman in her 50s – at a Shoreditch hotel on October 6, 2019, telling her the room she was entering was his own.

He then told hotel staff that he was the woman’s husband and had left his key in the room.

The Met said staff then gave Delgado a room key card and returned a few hours later to sexually assault the woman, who woke up around 5 a.m. and screamed, the scare away.

Just under a week later, on October 12, Delgado targeted his second victim – a woman in her twenties.

The force said she went out one night in Shoreditch and was approached by Delgado and followed, but her next memory was of waking up to find him performing a sex act. She had also been sexually assaulted.

I have hours and hours of therapy left, police phone calls, reminders of a trauma that I hope won’t follow me for the rest of my life.Delgado’s second victim

The woman reported the incident to the police and the officers subsequently found Delgado still in the hotel room and he was arrested.

Investigations revealed that Delgado attempted the same night to obtain key cards for two rooms at the same hotel.

One of the rooms was empty and he gave the wrong name to the other.

He finally got access to the room because the door was open.

During Delgado’s conviction at Wood Green Crown Court, police said his second victim read a heartbreaking impact statement in which she said: ‘He will go to jail but jail is just another place for someone. one without ethics, without values, without ambitions or goals.

“In the meantime, I have hours and hours of therapy, phone calls from the police, reminders of a trauma that I hope won’t follow me for the rest of my life, and a challenge to myself. find and pick up where I left off, despite what I’m still living.

The woman said she still didn’t know what Delgado had done to her and wasn’t sure she wanted the police to tell her.

She added, “All I need to know is that no one deserves this – no matter who they are, where they are or what condition they are in. I have always been extremely careful with it. who I give my body to It had to be an act of love because otherwise it went against my values ​​and my principles.

Delgado has also been ordered to sign the Lifetime Sex Offender Register and will spend another four years under license after his prison sentence.

Reacting to the conviction, Detective Constable Rob Johnston, investigator for Sapphire Investigations, said it was “undeniable” that a very dangerous man had been taken off the streets.

He paid tribute to the victims of Delgado for their courage and said: “Without their support, Delgado could have put more women at risk.

He added: “I am satisfied with the outcome of the trial, but I fully understand that these incidents can have lifelong effects on the victims.

“I encourage all other victims who were assaulted but did not report the incident to come forward.”

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