Searcy City Council is considering an ordinance based on the Fair Housing Act to run facilities like House of Three | New


Searcy Town Council is set to consider an ordinance tonight that would provide the Planning Commission with a ‘mechanism’ to consider whether facilities like the Three Elders’ Home should be allowed in certain areas even if they are not in compliance to the code, according to City Attorney Buck Gibson.

Several neighbors of the Rolling Meadows housing estate showed up at a public meeting in late July with concerns about the house of the three, which serves as a home for three elderly women who have a 24-hour carer, being located in their neighborhood. The town’s director of planning and development, Richard Stafford, said House of Three owners Mark and Dr Brenda Frisbie had been given a warning as the property is considered a boarding house and is not allowed in the neighborhood zoning code. The Frisbies said they were protected by the Fair Housing Act.


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