Ratan Tata shares heartwarming photo of Taj Hotel staff sharing umbrella with stray dog


Mumbai often receives heavy rains due to which the normal life of citizens is disrupted. Due to the heavy rains, local rail services are also affected. However, in this rain there are people who support the elderly grandparents. There are also people who show kindness to animals. Ratan Tata, a sensitive entrepreneur from the Tata Group, shared a similar photo of rain in Mumbai.

Ratan Tata is a well-known entrepreneur in the country and a very sensitive personality. That is why the Tata group under his leadership always comes to the rescue in times of crisis in the country. He also donated Rs 1,500 crore during the Covid period and opened his Taj hotel for health workers. Ratan Tata shared a photo outside the Taj Hotel.

He took to Instagram to share a photo, where a member of his staff stood outside a Taj Mahal palace cafe holding an umbrella, while his four-legged friend sits comfortably at his feet.

“Sharing comfort with the strayers this monsoon,” Tata captioned the photo. “This Taj employee was kind enough to share his umbrella with one of the many strayers while it was raining quite heavily,” the 83-year-old business mogul added, praising the staff.

While the man was busy at work, the dog seemed to be enjoying the rain. “A heartwarming moment captured in the bustle of Mumbai. Gestures like these do a lot for stray animals, ”he wrote.

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