Quarantined hotel rooms damaged by customers


Five rooms at the Jet Park quarantine hotel were damaged by recent guests.

The Jet Park quarantine hotel.
Photo: RNZ / Katie Todd

In one of the rooms, staff found a hole in the door, the curtain rod down, and a hole in a double-glazed window.

The guest also damaged a chair, the remote control for the television, the telephone and the alarm clock.

A spokesperson for MIQ said four rooms showed minor damage such as torn curtains, stained rugs, a broken chair and children’s drawings on the walls.

It comes amid hundreds of community cases quarantined at the hotel.

Joint MIQ chief Brigadier Rose King said returnees have months to prepare for their stay at MIQ, but cases in the Covid-19 community are being quarantined in the short term.

She understandably said that it can be “incredibly stressful” when they reorganize their lives.

“We recognize the added stress experienced by members of our community who unexpectedly need to enter quarantine facilities,” she said.

King did not say if there had been any repercussions on the guests, but said any bad behavior by people at MIQ facilities was taken very seriously.

“We actively encourage staff to speak out about any concerns they may have, whether related to safety or other issues.”

She said security at the site was provided by police officers, Defense Forces personnel and the Aviation Security Service, working alongside private security officers.

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