Positive arrivals can stay in hotel rooms in November


The government announced on Tuesday that incoming travelers confirmed to have Covid-19 in their quarantine hotels can stay put from November.

Currently, they are being moved to community isolation facilities in Penny’s Bay or Kai Tak after testing positive.

In a statement, a spokesperson stressed that hotels will need to strengthen their control measures during the next cycle of the hotel quarantine program.

This includes providing specific floors or rooms to isolate Covid patients, installing more air purifiers and requiring staff to don appropriate personal protective equipment.

“The arrangement will prevent confirmed cases from traveling and will allow for better utilization of manpower and vehicles initially deployed to transport confirmed cases, while reducing the risk of transmission during the transport process,” said the spokesperson.

The government will discuss implementation details with industry.

Meanwhile, another hotel is joining the current round of the quarantine program, while another is offering additional rooms. This is after four hotels left the program at the end of August.

The spokesperson said 62 hotels currently offer some 23,600 quarantine rooms.


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