Paisley: Drunk man delivered despicable abuse to hotel staff and police


A RENFREWSHIRE man has hurled crude abuse at staff at a hotel in Loch Lomondside after they asked for a room and were told the premises were full.

Scott Wilson, of Waverley Road, Paisley, admitted acting aggressively and comparing an officer’s partner to an animal during a drunken incident on April 9.

Tax MP Daisy Bentley told Dumbarton Sheriff Court on May 10 that Wilson went to the Lodge at Loch Lomond where he asked staff for a hotel room for the night.

However, he was informed that there were no seats available and a member of staff at the establishment offered to contact a taxi on his behalf.

Ms Bentley said Wilson became abusive and started calling the staff member a ‘fat cow’ and said: ‘You’re lucky you called me a taxi.

Police attended the scene and found the 41-year-old was subject to a restraining order which required him to remain at his home between 7pm and 6am each night .

Officers arrested Wilson and put him in a marked squad car, but he then became violent towards one of the officers, calling them “bald p***k” and comparing the officer’s wife to “a hippopotamus yawn,” adding, “All the cops are w*****s.

He continued to shout obscenities en route to Clydebank Police Station.

Defense barrister David Tod said: ‘He has an alcohol and drug problem. After speaking with him, he seems to have a desire to leave these [substances].

“He contacted addiction agencies on his own behalf.”

Sheriff John Hamilton has placed Wilson on a community reimbursement order that will see him supervised by social workers for 12 months.

Wilson was given a new restraining order keeping him under a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. house arrest curfew until September.

The sheriff also imposed a driving requirement for Wilson to attend alcohol and drug counseling.

Addressing the sheriff, Wilson said, “I’m trying to get help.”


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