Oakman Group offers lifeline to Archer’s hotel staff


Archers fans will have followed the challenges faced by the fictional upscale hotel Gray Gables. The business was hammered by the pandemic and new owners stepped in, closed the hotel and laid off all the staff.

However, Oakman Group, which operates 37 sites across the UK, spotted the opportunity to flag current industry challenges and launched an advertising campaign offering the entire Gray Gables workforce “real careers” in hospitality and jobs. staff “cannot be erased”!

Peter Borg-Neal, Chairman of the Oakman Group, said: “Art, in this case, imitates life. So many businesses have suffered during the pandemic. I’m no Archers expert, but when we heard about the fate of the staff at Gray Gables, I knew we had to help out and come up with not just a new career, but one safe from being left out of the storyline. .

“I know how difficult it has been since March 2020, but unlike Gray Gables, we retained over 90% of our team of 1,400 people who wanted to stay with us. I sympathize with Oliver Sterling who has to sell his beloved Gray Gables.

“Unfortunately, much of the difficulties in our industry are due to a tsunami of government interference in the world of work. Brexit has ruined hospitality, stupid government policies on trade tariffs and VAT, and the many ineffective, unproven and in some cases downright crazy health measures that have bankrupted many businesses.

“Fortunately for Roy Tucker, Freddie Pargetter, Tracy Horrobin, Lynda Snell and the rest of the redundant team at Gray Gables, the Oakman Group needs you!”

On whether Oakman would make an offer to buy Gray Gables, Peter added: “The quality properties of Gray Cables will always be of interest to us. Unfortunately we didn’t know it was on the market and therefore couldn’t make an offer at the time.

“However, we have made an acquisition this week and will release further details. [shortly].”

It remains to be seen if any of the members of the Gray Gables team accepted the company’s offer!


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