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Nairabet is a leading bookmaker among punters. Sports betting doesn’t just require you to have a good strategy or know when to strike. Your success as a bettor can be easily influenced by the type of bookmaker you use.

It is important to use reputable bookmakers so that you do not have payment problems and can easily get 24-hour customer support when needed. Nairabet is a favorite of sports betting fans as it offers several free bet bonuses to customers. Also, Mobile Nairabet makes it even easier for bettors to place their bets.

Although, unlike most bookmakers, Nairabet does not usually offer a special welcome bonus to punters, customers still have a series of bonuses to enjoy after registering on the betting platform. When your Nairabet Registration online is over, several betting promotions are available once you register an account with the bookmaker,” comments sports betting expert and critic Dipo Lukman of

To use a Nairabet bonus you must first be eligible for the bonus. To confirm your eligibility for a bonus, you can check the “promotion” and “terms and conditions” pages to fully understand how it all works. Once eligible, you will usually find the banner for the offer on your dashboard so you can take advantage of these promotions.

What bonuses does Nairabet offer customers?

As a bettor, the value of bookmakers’ promotions cannot be ignored as they help you significantly reduce your risk and increase your chances of high payouts. Are you interested in the types of bonuses that Nairabet offers its customers? Continue reading.

First bet bonus

Nairabet customers are entitled to a one-time bonus when they place their first bet on the betting platform during the promotion period. This bonus is only available during certain periods and, as the name suggests, can only be used once during the entire duration of the promotion.

During this period, customers are eligible to receive free bets with a minimum of N50 and a cap of N10,000. This means that once you have used the bonus during the promotion, you will have to wait for another cycle to benefit. To grab this offer, keep an eye on Nairabet social media as they often announce the availability of promotions.

The terms and conditions of this bonus include:

  • You must have a verified account on the platform.
  • The bet must be an accumulator with at least four choices.
  • Each pick in the accumulator must have minimum odds of 1.20.
  • The total of the picks must add up to a minimum odds of 2.50.
  • The initial stake of the free bet is not refunded, regardless of the outcome of the bet.
  • Customers can only take advantage of the bonus on the first bet placed during the validity period of the promotion.

Scoreless draw

The No Goal Draw Refund Bonus offered by Nairabet is an incentive to encourage punters to place bets with less risk. Nairabet offers grace on the results of goalless draws placed on accumulative bets involving specific matches.

In the event that there is a goalless draw, the pick is canceled and the bet on such a match is advanced to the remainder of the accumulator. The betting platform often announces these designated matches in advance to allow customers to take advantage of the offer.

The terms and conditions of this Nairabet promotion include:

  • You must have a verified account with the betting platform.
  • Winnings are capped at N100,000.
  • Bets must be 1×2 selections and must be placed before kick-off.
  • Only combination bets are eligible.
  • Only specific matches are eligible

A cut game

In the event that a single choice of an accumulator disqualifies the bet, Nairabet offers such customers compensation. The betting platform rewards customers with a percentage of their projected winnings, instead of those customers losing everything from a single play.

The terms and conditions of this offer include:

  • The offer only applies to sports betting.
  • Bets must be in an accumulator of at least 10 picks. For example, in an accumulator with 10 choices, at least 9 of the 10 games must be successful wins.
  • All accumulator bets must have minimum odds of 1.20 each.

What are the terms and conditions of Nairabet bonuses?

Just like other bookmakers, Nairabet has terms and conditions that you must strictly follow as a customer. Nairabet also reserves the right to withdraw your bets or suspend your accounts when you violate any of these terms and conditions. Hence, why you need to know these terms and conditions to enjoy the platform.

All bonuses offered by Nairabet have specific eligibility conditions which, if violated, automatically render you ineligible for offers. First, remember that bettors are not allowed to use multiple promotional offers at once. Additionally, Nairabet requires customers to use certain deposit channels to access some of the bonuses offered.

Make sure to visit the betting site and digest the entire T&C document which can be found under the “Terms and Conditions” menu. This will help you gain a thorough knowledge of the rules associated with the betting platform.

Does Nairabet have signup bonuses?

Unlike most bookmakers, Nairabet does not offer new subscribers an exclusive welcome bonus. However, once you sign up and verify your account on the platform, you become eligible for several bonuses and promotional offers. These bonuses include the first bet bonus, the draw bonus and the match reduction bonus.

Are there any disadvantages to using Nairabet bonuses for your bets?

Although Nairabet bonuses are a great incentive for bettors, they have some drawbacks that can make them a bit difficult to enjoy. This includes the fact that you have limits on bets placed with bonuses such as no cashout during play.

For example, you must place a combined bet of at least 10 games with minimum odds of 1.20 for the one game discount bonus. You cannot do this under normal circumstances, but it is a condition to be eligible for the bonus. Also, you may need to keep an eye on social media or the platform itself to be aware of some of the bonus offers, there is no specific time.


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