New feature enables contactless hotel services


The coronavirus pandemic has changed many habits in daily life. Hotel stays for vacations or business meetings increase the chances of contracting the disease.

Reducing the contact area, social distancing and wearing a mask are the three main measures to stem the spread of the disease.

Here, the new SoftPhone, which makes it easier to access all kinds of services from customers’ own phones instead of the hotel room phone, maximizes the contactless customer experience in hotels.

Turkish software publisher specializing in hotel technologies, Nevotek has added the SoftPhone functionality to its NevoTouchless solution, which enables the use of in-room television, telephone and mobile applications in a “contactless” manner in the hotel industry.

With SoftPhone, which was integrated into contactless solutions for the first time in the hospitality industry, guests have a whole new hygienic experience by accessing hotel services easily and without contact via their smartphone.

Use your own phone

The SoftPhone Touchless allows guests to use their own smartphones to access hotel services.

Due to COVID-19, the hospitality industry continues to take many measures to protect the health of employees and guests. For this reason, contactless technologies are of great importance for the health and hygiene of customers.

The NevoTouchless solution eliminated the need for customers to download any mobile application.

Telephone as TV remote control

The solution can be used in all hosting facilities from small to large size with an IP based PBX system. NevoTouchless solutions, including SoftPhone, make customer interaction, entertainment and information systems completely contactless installations.

Using their smartphones, guests can access information such as weather conditions and city guides, access room service and reception, view hotel bills, activate do not disturb mode, pay room temperature and control TV in their rooms.


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