Mollie’s Motel Reveals Plans to Double Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities | Article


Affordable Motorized Hotel and Restaurant Concept Mollie’s is committed to “putting sustainable thinking at the heart of the business and meeting the changing needs of the modern traveler” as the company has pledged to double the charging capacity of all its existing properties over the next two years.

All existing Mollie properties are already equipped with electric vehicle charging bays and the company “commits” that EV charging facilities will be present at every new Mollie site that has parking for 20 cars or more and can be served by the network.

Mollie’s Oxford and Mollie’s Bristol have eight and 14 charging bays at each of their properties respectively, with a mix of fast and overnight chargers and disabled bays at each site. Both will also double their charging facilities over the next two years.

Mollie’s launched in 2019 and the brand has expressed plans to expand to 100 locations across the UK and Europe over the next 10 years, with a further 10 locations ‘already booked’ as part of the expansion plan immediacy of the brand, including the spring 2023 launch of city-centre Mollie’s Manchester.

This growth trajectory is expected to grow the brand by £550m in revenue a year, while employing 6,000 people.

Access to electric car charging facilities would be “part of Mollie’s mission” to embrace technology and innovation that enhances the customer experience and meets travellers’ demands. As a result, customers enjoy an effortless digital experience that’s supported by Mollie’s own app, which is said to “offer a host of benefits”.

Darren Sweetland, CEO of Mollie’s, said, “I am already thrilled with the technological and sustainable advances Mollie’s has made as a brand. We are pioneers in the hospitality and travel industry, and I will continue to ensure that we uphold our commitment to electric vehicle charging across our growing portfolio.

“I am committed to doubling existing electric vehicle charging bays over the next two years to meet the ever-increasing sustainable lifestyle of travelers.”


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