Ministry of Tourism launches social media campaign to introduce new visa facilities


In the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities since early April to introduce new facilities, the government has provided procedures for obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt.

The ministry on Thursday launched a three-week social media campaign in other countries, including Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Algeria, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

The campaign comes in light of the ministry’s desire to introduce tourists of different nationalities to the new facilities in the procedures for obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt.

This will in turn help increase inbound tourism to Egypt, explained Lamia Kamel, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Promotion.

Over 180 nationalities can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Egyptian ports provided they already have a valid and used Schengen visa and visas for UK, USA, Japan, New Zealand , Canada and Australia.

The number of nationalities that can obtain the compulsory tourist visa in Egyptian ports or electronically is 78, with other special facilities for certain additional nationalities in the event of direct access to the cities of Sharm el-Sheikh and Taba, at provided they have a return ticket, an accommodation reservation and a credit card or whatever covers their stay in Egypt.


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