Meghan Markle’s assistant used Prince Harry’s name to sway hotel staff in New York, new book claims


Meghan Markle’s aide allegedly used Prince Harry’s name to sway staff at an upmarket New York restaurant ahead of the couple’s royal wedding, a new book claims.

The aide “aggressively requested a private dinner for Meghan in 2017 and told staff she was ‘on the verge of being a Duchess’.

The meeting, according to the book, took place at the starred restaurant Le Coucou in New York when Meghan and her handler showed up 20 minutes before their reservation.

Meghan’s aide demanded a private table because ‘it’s for someone dating a prince’, according to butler Michael Cecchi-Azzolina in his new book ‘Your Table Is Ready: Tales of a New York City Master D”.

However, Mr Cecchi-Azzolina – who had worked at the restaurant for two years – said: ‘I still don’t have a private table for you.’

In the book, Mr Cecchi-Azzolina quotes Meghan’s manager: “Do you know that my guest is dating Prince Harry and is about to become a Duchess? Don’t you have a private space to keep us waiting? “

Mr. Cecchi-Azzolina was unmoved by the comments. “My first instinct was to laugh. I could give two s****s about Prince Harry’s date, and by the attention the escort was getting from the crowd at the bar, or anyone else” , he told the New York Post.

He described Meghan, who was completely silent during the encounter, as “aloof”, adding that “we get the most powerful people in the world coming here – nobody really cares about you”.


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