Man praised by hotel staff for leaving room at checkout, but others called him “weird”


One man was showered with praise for the way he left his hotel room upon departure.

But some were divided by his actions, suggesting he went too far.

Darren, known as Dazza online, shared a snap from his hotel bed in line.

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“I always try to leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or the wrong thing to do? He asked.

He added: “‘They get paid to clean it up’ … the police are paid to stop the killings but it’s not going well, is it.”

“I was fined in Spain for doing that,” one joked.

Another commented: “You are just showing that you are a big boy now and you haven’t wet the bed !!”

Another wrote: “As a housekeeper, it makes me very happy when clients do this, saves us extra work and makes it easier”

“Too far,” said another.

“It’s not right or wrong… just weird,” said another.

Another added: “I’ve always been the type to stack the plates for the waiter / waitress and bring the glasses back to a bar. But I never considered doing this in hotels. You bet I’ll start anyway!

And another wrote: “Having worked in housekeeping in a hotel you have no idea how much this stuff is appreciated. As you have time targets to hit per room and that’s a huge help . Top man “

“I do this in hotels! I was a housekeeper and was always happy when the bed was stripped,” said another.

Another wrote: “Yes! Of all the hospitality work, we salute you. Yes, we get paid to clean up, but it’s human decency to just clean up after yourself.”

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