Louisville Metro Recognized for Energy Efficiency Efforts in Government Facilities


Louisville Metro Recognized for Energy Efficiency Efforts

in government facilities

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (July 8, 2022) – The Louisville Energy Alliance (LEA) presented the Louisville Metro Government with two Kilowatt Crackdown Awards in recognition of the city’s increased energy efficiency efforts. It is a city-wide competition that challenges building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption in their buildings to combat climate change while reducing building costs. operation.

The LEA recognized two government buildings in Metro Louisville: the Louisville Metro Development Center and the Northeast Regional Library. Significant reductions in energy consumption have been largely achieved through operational efficiency measures, such as changing automated schedules for boilers, chillers and pumps.

The year’s highest honor, the Kilowatt Cup, was awarded to La Quinta del Sol of Louisville East for its superior achievements in energy efficiency and renewable energy. This new hotel construction invested in several sustainable strategies using the Louisville Metro Government’s EPAD program, which enabled the hotel to pay for the optimization measures at low interest rates using water heaters tankless coupled with low-flow/high-speed water fixtures, LED lighting, ENERGY STAR certified fixtures, and motion sensors to turn systems off when unoccupied. Additionally, the building generates a significant portion of its electricity from rooftop solar panels and micro-wind turbines. On site, free charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed for customers.

“In order to achieve our clean energy goals, we need everyone’s help, and I applaud the efforts of these organizations to do their part,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “The Louisville Metropolitan Government is proud to lead by example through our energy efficiency efforts in Metro buildings while providing programs like EPAD to help local businesses make these critical investments as well. I thank the Louisville Energy Alliance for recognizing the Metro Development Center and the Northeast Regional Library for their efforts to reduce Louisville Metro’s energy costs.

Sunny Dronawat, developer of La Quinta del Sol, said, “Consumers feel good about spending their money on goods and services that incorporate elements of sustainability, green energy and energy conservation into their business practices.

The Louisville Energy Alliance recognized nine local organizations for taking on the Kilowatt Crackdown Challenge, rewarding energy-saving achievements by building type. The winners are:

  • kilowatt cup – The Quinta del Sol of Louisville East
  • K-12 Facility – Sacred Heart Model School
  • Desktop installation, better performance – Human Market Building 515
  • Desktop installation, most improved – Kindred Health Headquarters Building
  • Health care facility – Health UdeL Shelbyville
  • Data center – Humana Simpsonville Data Center
  • Government installation, better performance – LFPL North-East regional library
  • Government establishment, Most Improved – Louisville Metro Development Center
  • Religious establishment – Walnut Street Baptist Church

“The combined efforts of the winners saved 2,972 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This equates to more than 330,000 gallons of gasoline consumed in one year,” said LEA Vice President Julie Donna. “We commend these building owners who have demonstrated a commitment to the health of our community. »

In April, hundreds of scientists from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published their 2022 Climate Change Reportwhich states that “rapid and deep” reductions in carbon emissions are needed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

“Climate change is a global crisis, which will lead to infrastructure vulnerabilities, more cases of respiratory and heart disease, overstretched health care and emergency response systems, and increased insurance and health care costs. energy if we don’t take action,” Donna said. “As approximately 81% of Louisville’s GHG emissions come from the energy used to heat, cool and power buildings, the winners of Kilowatt Crackdown have demonstrated that what we do locally can make a big difference at global scale.

In March, the Louisville Metro Council authorized the creation of the Energy Innovation Fund, which will reinvest savings from energy projects into energy efficiency measures in Louisville Metro buildings. The fund will be launched with approximately $550,000, or 80% of the energy savings achieved by Louisville Metro over the past year.

In addition to the EPAD program, the Louisville Metro Office of Advanced Planning & Sustainability offers incentives for building and business owners to invest in energy efficiency through its Cool Rooftop Rebate Program and renewable energies through its Solar Over Louisville program. The office is working to achieve Louisville’s sustainability goals, including the goal of powering Louisville with 100% clean, community-wide energy by 2040. Learn more about the efforts of clean energy from the Louisville metro on www.100percentlou.com.

The LEA offers free assistance to building owners who want to start tracking and reducing their energy use. The next three-part training series focusing on the use of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager software will begin on August 4th. Registration is done at https://tinyurl.com/PMtraining2022.



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