Letter: Hotel rooms in Winnapaug should be reduced | Letters to the Editor


I am writing to you regarding the zoning changes that were passed at the last Planning Board meeting. These amendments redefine ALL Westerly golf courses as “Land Development Projects”. These changes must now be voted on at the September city council meeting.

The massive development planned for the Winnapaug Golf Course changes the focus from a golf course with housing to a large complex with a golf course as an accessory.

I understand that a typical golf course can handle 225-250 people per day. The proposed development includes a 150-room hotel at the current location of the pavilion. Assuming two people per room, the hotel alone will be able to accommodate 300 people. Additional ‘limited suites’, ‘cottages’ and ‘villas’ not included in this number would be on both sides of Shore Road, along Tom Harvey Road and Links Passage. The promoter has not indicated any means of maintaining a balance between the golf of its guests and the public.

I would ask City Council to consider limiting the amount of development to accommodate less than 220 people in the proposed amendment.

This will prevent overdevelopment of the Winnapaug Golf Course and maintain the original intent of Westerly’s overall plan: the golf course is the primary and “remaining hotel incidental to current recreational use” for the public to enjoy.

Arlene Hawkins



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