La Palm hotel staff demand dismissal of CEO for non-payment of pension contributions


Some staff at the La Palm Royal Beach hotel staged a protest on Wednesday to demand the dismissal of chief executive Abena Pokua Boaitey Amoah over alleged mismanagement of funds.

The demonstrators were also agitated by the non-payment of pension contributions by the hotel.

According to workers, level 1 contributions to SSNIT have not been paid from May 2019 to date.

They also allege that Glico’s Level 2 and employee termination benefit plan suffer the same fate during the same period.

“About 80% of the end of service indemnities of resigning and retirees are still outstanding since 2019, some have even died without having benefited from the fruits of their labor.”

In this regard, the president of the local La-Palm Royal Beach workers union, Mary Attoh, argued in an interview that the hotel CEO should be sacked.

Protesters revealed that Madame Amoah’s contract expired in November 2021, so there was no need to renew it to keep her in office.

“The CEO’s contract has expired since August 2021, it has been extended until November 2021 by the board of directors, at the time of writing this petition the CEO has requested another 3 month extension, that is, i.e. February 2022, which suggests that she refused to give in and leave. . “

La Palm hotel staff demand dismissal of CEO for non-payment of pension contributions

The aggrieved workers in a petition noted that “poor procurement decisions made by the CEO without considering the technical advice from HOD which has currently caused financial losses to the hotel.”

“Since 2018, there has not been a working budget, marketing plan or strategy to manage the affairs of the hotel and the current state of the hotel is worrying, that is to say; the facility is deteriorating, ”they said in the petition.

This is the second time that workers have demonstrated for the dismissal of the hotel’s general manager after the first in 2018. In addition, today is the fourth time that workers have demonstrated for end-of-service pay.

Below is the petition from La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel:

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