Kim Kardashian reportedly felt so empowered that she made hotel staff jump through hoops while visiting Pete Davidson – made them sign NDAs, disallowed selfies and autographs


Celebrities always wallow in privacy issues and we get it, but in all honesty, no one can have their cake and eat it too. While it’s obvious that serious privacy threats are a problem, no one wants a stalker around the corner, but what’s also problematic is disturbing ordinary people doing their jobs, for the sake of your privacy. That’s what Kim Kardashian did on her last vacation in Australia. The limits she has set for her Queen Bee conveniences are utterly unthinkable.

Kim Kardashian took her private jet for a romantic vacation with beau Pete Davidson

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Kim Kardashian is dodging the spotlight she always seeks

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian asked the bratty to keep her visit to Australia top secret

Kim Kardashian recently flew her private jet to Australia to spend quality time with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Davidson had been filming a movie in Oz for some time and it had been a while since the pair had met, so Kardashian took her air cart to her lover’s house.

The keeping up with the Kardashians The star who is always in the limelight, who is literally her bread and butter, was keen to stay away during her romantic vacation with Davidson. It’s no shock that dodging the paparazzi is like dodging a hail of arrows with a sword for Kim Kardashian, so she had to go the extra mile, a few extra miles in fact, in order to secure her life. private.

Kim Kardashian’s security team had to work “around the clock” to keep his top-notch visit a secret, according to Daily mail. The reality TV star “I didn’t want anyone to know she was in Australia.” It must have been a tough request to satisfy as news of Kim Kardashian’s arrival in Australia broke the moment she stepped off her private jet. An insider source spoke about Kim’s vacation plans: “It’s the 1% of the time that she doesn’t want to have to worry about being glamorous and just wants to switch off. She’s just here to hang out with Pete and has no intention of leaving. The hotel. It’s a very low-key trip and she doesn’t want to be disturbed. Kim is happy to say “hi” if you see her, but she definitely doesn’t want her picture taken on this trip.

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Cannot do “normal things”; the Kardashians and their history of misfortune

Kris and Kylie Jenner
Kris and Kylie Jenner on their day doing “normal things”

A similar revelation was made by Kris and Kylie Jenner in a recent episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians where Kris revealed she hadn’t done her own grocery shopping in years, followed by the two describing their day to go to a grocery store and do “normal things” It’s hard to imagine that ordinary people can’t do everyday things wholeheartedly, but you can either have the fame and the money or the normality. We have not established the rules.

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Decoy cars and NES?

And to tick her reservations, Kim Kardashian would have signed the staff of the hotel where she was staying with Pete Davidson of the NDAs. They were forbidden to take her picture or ask her for selfies. Even autographs were forbidden. On top of all that, whenever the two left the hotel, they used decoy cars to keep their intended location a secret from people.

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Twitter asks Kim Kardashian to get over herself

People are already fed up with the Kardashians and their sense of entitlement and this thing that Kim Kardashian has pulled off, using decoy cars and forcing staff to sign NDAs has not gone down well with the general public.

One user even voiced their view that the reason Kim Kardashian is going to such limits is because her relationship with Pete Davidson is fake.

It’s safe to say that’s the kind of response you’ll get when playing pretend your life is a spy movie with no plot or bland cast.

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