Keep your hotel staff skilled in hotel management with machine learning

Keep your hotel staff skilled in hotel management with machine learning


Over the past few years, the automation space has evolved tremendously. From the chatbot on a website to the robots in a manufacturing unit, automation is taking its place in several industries.

When it comes to the hospitality industry specifically, automation is becoming a focal point and has already started to have an impact.

It is therefore crucial for B2B technologists to adopt a comprehensive consumer-centric mindset. There’s simply no way forward: enterprise software and hardware must act, think, and feel like consumer software and hardware. Enterprise users are no longer willing to sacrifice usability or functionality just because it’s a service or tool they use at work.

In other words, any software you put to work in your hotel operations MUST behave and serve in a user-friendly way at a level close to consumer-friendliness. This way your staff and customers get the most out of your use of the software.

Training, retraining and learning enhancement

Industry experts have pointed out that people learn differently. There are “audible” learners who take in information best when they listen to it, and there are “visual” learners who take in information while reading. However, almost all learners can absorb information and master new skills much more easily when they learn by doing.

Adding validity to this is the age-old proverb that says…

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you will feed him for life.

This is why Hotelogix has designed its unique ACE or Automated Coaching Engine. It is integrated into an easy-to-learn hotel management system, Hotelogix, and offers potential buyers the opportunity to fully evaluate the software before making the investment and transition.

However, this built-in training feature is also effective when the software is set up and ready to use in daily hotel operations. At that time, its tutorials can guide hotel staff through the various essential processes required for day-to-day operations, and in a way that seems consumer-focused rather than business-focused.

This automation of training saves time and money in many ways and ensures the best kind of learning, as staff learn through hands-on, real-life experiences. Applying the knowledge necessary to complete the required tasks ensures the strongest learning experiences.

It also ends up saving hotel owners from getting into the traditionally flawed training methods available, while providing guests with the attentive service that modern automation allows.

Today’s consumers already seem to be comfortable with automation, as the industry is already so inclined towards it. Smartphones and tablets are already in the game and making an impact in many ways – from business to travel, from grocery shopping to medical appointments. Self-service claims have become today’s currency. Therefore, when it comes to hotel accommodations, customers want to experience the same self-service alternatives.

Thus, customers anticipate a kind of automation, while demanding personalized service integrated into the mix. The right PMS, like Hotelogix, can support such goals.

Train and recycle

For example, many owners and operators of small and medium-sized hotels find themselves in the unenviable position of dealing with staff training and retraining. They need to run paid sessions during or after office hours for staff to learn a new system that they may not have mastered in a single training session. Thus, the management cycle of staff training and retraining and substandard performance is the result.

Of course, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about keeping staff able to use software, but even more about customer satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence, for example, is used in programmable room functions, such as heating and cooling timed to operate only when a guest is present. However, AI is also capable of supporting marketing and upselling, reminding staff of a guest’s preferences for dining, activities, room cleaning schedules, and more. Did they add a spa stay? Automation is the tool to make sure they repeat this activity on every visit.

An automation tool like Hotelogix requires your staff to track all of these things with every reservation or check-in/check-out process. And he maintains their level of training at all times.

Trained staff improve guest satisfaction in many ways and Hotelogix software trains in all areas to ensure the best results.

For example, it includes:

– Reception operations

– Accounting tasks

– Housekeeping and maintenance functions

– Back office tasks

– Integration with channel managers and booking engines, and more

This means staff can quickly learn all the necessary sets of tasks and management can focus on the finer details that ensure customer satisfaction. After all, why spend days training individuals to use the software when it’s the client protocols and procedures that are most important.

Management on the go

With ACE, hotel staff management is made easier as the Hotelogix option also integrates mobile functionality. That’s why automating training saves time and money. This can eliminate the need for computer stations and allow workers to use mobile devices to meet many hotel tasks and requirements. Whether it’s a housekeeping team updating the status of a room or a front desk clerk making the check-in process remarkably quick and seamless, having a management system easy-to-learn hotel management with automated training is much more effective.

Here is an example:

The Hotelogix system allows the user to choose which function to learn. It uses an array of interactive panels to show them precisely how they start, manage and complete the task. Then he asks them to go through the procedure on their own and tackle something that they will have to deal with on a regular basis.

Once they understand the intuitive software, they can easily manage all procedures and stay up to date on all facets of the system. They can then focus on the work that matters most – ensuring that hotel guests receive their undivided attention and are treated in a way that guarantees repeat visits, recommendations, positive feedback, and more.

Beyond customer reception procedures

Naturally, skilled staff improve customer satisfaction when operating at the guest level, but what if it’s back office or housekeeping? How can ACE improve customer satisfaction? It has to do with software synchronicity. Linked to front desk systems, it ensures that a room’s status is updated quickly, avoiding delays in the check-in process and ensuring smooth workflows.

Because the software allows for real-time changes that update unilaterally, personnel are able to respond to maintenance requirements as soon as they enter the system. A part that needs cleaning or maintenance can be flagged in the software and staff can be notified of what needs to be done, as well as any custom work.

So an option like Hotelogix makes it easier to manage staff in hotels, but also allows things to run much more efficiently. Work is never duplicated thanks to simple color coding and communication, and there is no risk of booking a room that requires some sort of maintenance or other work. With such features, housekeeping staff are supported in their work and will also experience fewer errors.

Take it anywhere

Naturally, hotel owners and operators appreciate the software because it includes a mobile app that speeds up check-in and check-out processes as well as housekeeping procedures. Designed as intuitively as the software, any ACE training will allow a user to transfer their skills to the mobile application.

This, as noted, reduces things like training and retraining, and saves money by eliminating the need for redundant workstations. Staff can use mobile devices that perform all the same tasks. Whether it’s a complex cast update or price change, or just need to update an audited room overnight, it can all be done on the go.

And going back to customer satisfaction that improves with the use of ACE and a system like Hotelogix, the mobile app was designed to make front desk interactions more engaging than ever. The app can scan IDs from more than eighty countries, enabling check-in moments after a guest arrives, as well as managing their invoices and payments.

Meeting tomorrow’s technology requirements today

Designed for use by those with limited (if any) knowledge of using technology, the Hotelogix software and mobile app can literally be mastered in the shortest time imaginable. It will allow owners and staff to quickly become functional parts of a more efficient operational system.

ACE is hands-on learning, and it trains staff and works faster than other approaches, ensuring that small and medium-sized hotels reap the continued benefits. Features built into the software are accessible on the go and via mobile devices. Pricing can be analyzed and changed globally from the app, housekeeping can be managed through the app or desktop, guest experiences can be optimized and personalized, and largely through the automation of Hotelogix cloud-based functions.

This will have a huge impact on the hospitality industry at all levels. With small and medium-sized hotels becoming more competitive and nimble and their staff turnover reduced through top-notch training, this will certainly lead to a change in the industry.

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