Kamal Haasan’s caravan has all these facilities? Mode used

Kamal Haasan’s Caravan has all these facilities? Modi used this..?

Actor Kamal Haasan has always been unique, not only in his acting but also in the things he uses. In this way, the information about the caravan that he can use came out and surprised everyone. Even actor Rajinikanth did not design a unique caravan. But a unique caravan was designed for Kamal Haasan. It is said that the guardians of this caravan cannot escape Kamal’s eyes even if they make a small mistake. Because Kamal is so perfect in everything.
The luxury caravan offered in Kamal is equipped with air conditioning in almost 4 directions. This caravan was used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he came to Mahabalipuram. Other than that, this caravan is sent to Chief Minister Stalin if he has any urgent needs. This specially designed caravan has a capacity of 1000 liters of water. Like a mini 7-star hotel, this caravan has two separate make-up rooms.Also, if someone like the director or the producers comes suddenly, there is a separate meeting room for them. For each bedroom, each spare AC is installed. When you go for an outdoor shoot, it is difficult to replace the AC power if it fails, so this kind of activity. Only trained drivers are employed to drive this caravan. Other than that, the drivers are under contract and receive special training to handle the technical aspects involved.
Kamal will only be satisfied with such features. It’s Kamal’s habit of changing his mind even if something is wrong.


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