“In hotel rooms, I make the beds and clean the bathrooms”


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fed with honey (32) Inspired to remember moments from his childhood, his father santiagoalso revealed without blushing that he was living on a very special date in Las Vegas and gave a crude assessment of what colon cancer meant in his life, among other topics.

“I feel like my illness has been the biggest lesson of my life. And being able to overcome that explains how I deal with adversity today. In my world, the word pain has been redefined Now , nothing hurts anymore.

If you weren’t an actor, what other profession would you choose?

-I calculate that something else related to the medium… maybe a director, which I do sometimes, a dancer. I don’t know… I guess it couldn’t be anything else. For example football player, zero. I am fan of RiverBut a game cheese. When I was young I said I wanted to make films, I’m not that far away, I think at some point it will come. His leadership was good.

What did you spend for the first penny you earned?

The first penny I earned was not my salary. I’ll explain: it was a scratch. my mother (Carmen Barber) always took me to a handsome old man’s pool in Belgrano and won 300 pesos, which was $300 in Argentina at the time. And with this money, I wanted to help my parents, but my mother said: “My son has earned it, he has to buy whatever he wants.” I went to buy a giant Independence Day America toy, a giant ship. I remember buying it from Blockbuster, which also sold toys. When my old man saw it, he looked at my old lady and asked, “Did you let her buy it?” What service will this money do us!, There was nothing at that time, it was hard times, there was no handle. And I bought it that I used it once!

– How was this difficult moment financially?

It impressed my parents more than anything. They had just worked a lot, I don’t know if there was so much glamour, they were so popular. Dad and mom have always been part of this popular Argentinian group. So There came a time when you had to tighten your waist, like in any house, And my old man was a guy who didn’t expect to be called, he put on a show, they grabbed the truck with my mom and they went out to get some money. I think I inherited a bit from him, preparing projects all the time, not keeping my cool.

“Are you afraid you won’t remember anymore?”

-Yes. I get a little depressed when it’s not enough or when I see that I can give more or if I do a camera test and I don’t fit. It’s a 24 hour agony and the next day I’m new to not giving up. There is something like that in this profession, on the one hand you are disappointed and then something great happens. Its balance is magnificent.

– Subject to change, best date?

-In Hawaii and Australia I am very much looking forward to dating my girlfriend (Sophie Aldre) and beautiful dates I had thousands.

– Someone you remember well?

-Yes, in Las Vegas. I had great times. It was in a hotel room, great relationship with the other person. And later it happened to me that I activated Tinder while I was there and was so happy. I was single and it worked really well for me. She resided in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Favorite work moment of your life?

-East! I couldn’t choose another. I travel around the planet rest of the world And they pay me. I still haven’t landed my job.

Who did you admire as a child?

-my pal. He was a personal example of many things. Especially when it comes to the fight for his health. He liked to live. It was a gray and rainy day, the water got him wet and he is happy because he was alive. That alone is already an incredible lesson that marked a path for me. And also in business. Listen, there was a time when the phone didn’t ring and he loved the job so much and was ready to work. I think the answer is my father, but also my mother. What happens is that since dad is gone, I miss him even more.

– You don’t miss your mother!

-Undoubted! He is everywhere, in Twitter, networked. I see it everywhere.

If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

– Hey… I will spend more time with my grandmother than with my father. ,R to N.: anita caputoCarmen’s mother), with my little animals that died on me. With all those who are no more. But today everything is going so well that I have the impression that he is doing his job.

-Your illness?

,I would choose it again, a thousand times. I feel like that was the biggest lesson of my life. And being able to overcome that tells how I stand in the face of adversity in life today. The word pain has been redefined in my world. Nothing hurts now. I haven’t had any problems for a long time. Because when you feel really bad and you feel pain, then nothing hurts because you thought that other thing was pain. A vast field opens up to you that you did not know existed.

Which celebrity birthday party would you like to be invited to?

– i would like you to invite me gadot girlactress of amazing woman, I completely fell in love with this woman. I’m everywhere, my girlfriend knows it. And I would also like you to invite me Kelly machine gunHalf-toured birthdays, rockers, tattooed, as it should be.

“In hotel rooms, I make the bed and clean the bathroom. They should feel like I’m sleeping on the floor and not taking a shower. I don’t know why I do this. I am totally obsessed and purified.

Do you do something that you wouldn’t tell anyone?

-It’s almost a treat. In hotel rooms, I make the beds and clean the bathrooms. I can never throw the towels on the floor, I fold them… I think the hotels I go to will think that I sleep on the floor and I don’t take a shower because in reality everything is the same Like when they give me a room . I don’t know why I do this. I am totally obsessed and clean. So if I know I’ll be back in a while, I like to do it myself. Just in case, I don’t know. I have a problem.

– Do you regret what you did? Or what have you not done?

I guess because I didn’t regret it, I almost accepted everything. I’ll do it all over again. Occasional work, occasional rare comedy in my early days…but almost everything made me who I am.

-Best actor and actress in the world?

,julia robert Hey Meryl StreepAnd great actor… I’m a huge fan of Keanu ReevesBut I don’t think it’s the best. Michael Douglas, Maybe. nerd. I’ll go Anthony Hopkins, I will go with him. I recently saw an interview in which he explained how he had built Hannibal And he said that in order to be so scary and create mystery, he decided to make a completely clean, calm, calm man. And when in the first scene Jodie Foster He sees that everything is combed, perfect seat, it’s scary!


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