I’m a plus size traveler – hotel rooms are too small for me, it’s so frustrating


A PLUS-size blogger has spoken out about the difficulties of overseas travel, venting her frustrations in front of tiny hotel rooms and restaurant chairs with arms.

Kirsty Leanne from Shropshire, who has 55,000 followers on TikTok, has once again made headlines with her latest videos – after previously attacking RyanAir over the size of its seats.


Kirsty Leanne called bathrobes and towels ‘one size fits all’Credit: Jam Press
The TikToker has gained thousands of followers for its plus size travel tips


The TikToker has gained thousands of followers for its plus size travel tipsCredit: Jam Press
But she laid out some of the difficulties of vacationing in a 'bigger body'


But she laid out some of the difficulties of vacationing in a ‘bigger body’Credit: Jam Press

Now she’s calling out hotels and restaurants in a two-part viral video series titled “Plus Size Travel Issues” on her @kirstyleannetravels account.

In the clips, Kirsty explained how plastic restaurant chairs with arms had dug into her thighs, leaving painful red marks – and she admitted the flimsy seats had even shattered under her weight before.

She also spoke out against “chub chafing” – the rubbing between her thighs while walking around in dresses or skirts in hot weather.

Although she likes to stay in hostels, the 29-year-old added that she was afraid to sleep on bunk beds and slatted beds.

She said: “The top bunks are terrifying for tall travellers! Climbing to the top is painful and the fear of [fall] through is real. You spend the whole night too scared to move.”

In hotel bathrooms, Kirsty pointed to their cramped size and limited shower space.

She also showed a video of herself trying on a “one size” bathrobe and also complained that the hotel towels weren’t big enough for her either.

Not only have the trips left Kirsty in pain and discomfort, the jet-setter has also revealed the humiliating moments she has felt while traveling overseas.

She said she feared the turnstiles and ticket barriers which are narrow for her to pass.

Other minefields the TikToker has to navigate a “bigger body” included plastic lounge chairs by the pool or beach and not being able to find wetsuits or safety gear in its size to participate. water sports or activities.

Even sitting down is a problem for Kirsty as she criticized small theater seats, stools and seats on public transport without enough legroom.

The video blogger added that she rarely finds souvenirs in her size and constantly worries about losing her suitcase in a country where it is difficult to find clothes in her size.

His videos also cover a good deal of aircraft-related grunts, such as narrow aisles and middle seats.

Her previous videos slammed RyanAir for its experience as a plus-size traveler and documented how trays didn’t come down and bathrooms on flights were “unusable”.

Kirsty has however discovered and raves about the seat belt extenders she also brings on flights as a plus size passenger.

Among her list of travel essentials, she also included a portable fan, an oversized towel, and adjustable shoes to ease swollen feet.

Social media trolls have been keen to hit out at Kirsty’s travel videos attacking her weight.

And Kirsty, who blogs at Plus Size Travel Too, said there “hasn’t been a day in the last six weeks” that she hasn’t received a nasty message.

She said: “It doesn’t bother me when I get one or two, but when I get massive comments it can really start to affect me.

“All of my work is to show tall people that they don’t need to lose weight to have fun and it can be hard to convey that message when I’m told daily that it’s not true. “

Some of the slurs on Kirsty’s videos tell her she should be banned from flying with others suggesting she get salmonella from raw chicken to help her lose weight.

Thankfully, the insults and teasing haven’t dampened the TikToker’s love of travel or his desire to spread positivity to other plus-size travelers online.

At the end of each video in her recent series, Kirsty wrote moving messages with the same spirit.

One of them said: “Although there are many problems you may encounter while traveling in a larger body, it is so worth it!”

While the other added, “I promise that while it may seem stressful, the only trips I’ve regretted are the ones I didn’t take. It’s totally worth it.”

She called airplane bathrooms for their cramped size


She called airplane bathrooms for their cramped sizeCredit: Jam Press
And discussed the embarrassment of asking for seat belt extenders


And discussed the embarrassment of asking for seat belt extendersCredit: Jam Press
She said she wore shorts under dresses and skirts to avoid chafing


She said she wore shorts under dresses and skirts to avoid chafingCredit: Jam Press

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