How Osun hotel staff hid the corpse of an OAU student to escape arrest


Williams Abiodun, lawyer for Ramon Adedoyin, founder of Oduduwa University and Ile-Ife Polytechnic, claimed that staff at his client’s hotel hid the corpse of Timothy Adegoke, the deceased student, for fear of being arrested.

Adedoyin is the President of the Hilton Hotel and Resort, Ile-Ife.

Adegoke, meanwhile, was a master’s student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OUA) before his controversial death.

The 37-year-old is believed to have traveled from Abuja to take an exam at the OAU Distance Learning Center in Moro, Osun, on November 5.

He was, however, declared missing two days later – only to be found dead.

The police had previously stopped Adegoke as the investigation into the case continues.

Talk with The nation, Abiodun said the student “died naturally in his sleep” the night he stayed at the hotel.

The lawyer also said his client initially denied that the deceased student stayed at his hotel because there was no record in the company’s account showing that he had paid to use the facility.

According to him, the deceased paid into the personal account of Adesola Tobilola, a receptionist at the hotel, who confessed to the police that she shared the money with another member of staff.

Abiodun said that when staff found out that Adegoke was dead, they were afraid of being arrested and therefore took his corpse away from the hotel and threw it in a nearby area.

“When the police arrested Adesola they informed me that they had to interview other staff and I took five of them to the police but they were detained,” he said. .

“When they questioned Adesola, she revealed that the man (Adegoke) transferred the money to his personal account and (the money) was stolen without recoding it into the hotel account.

“She shared the money with another staff member. This is why the hotel initially denied that Adegoke stayed at the hotel.

“Last week on Saturday, the investigating police officer (IPO) told me that all staff arrested confessed that Adegoke had actually slept in the hotel but died naturally in her sleep.

“The staff had shared the money that had been paid by the guest and had not put it on file.

“They knew there was a problem, they took the body in the middle of the night and threw it somewhere and went back to the hotel as if nothing had happened.

“The chief (Adedoyin) interrogated them several times, but they all denied it until the police forced them to speak.

“They didn’t bury the body, they took the police to where the body was dumped. The place where they dumped the body was on farmland on the Ife / Osogbo road. The farmers referred to the police.

“Only two staff members were involved in emptying Adegoke’s corpse: the receptionist and a Kosim who is the hotel plumber. Kosim is this Muslim Tabligh, not a spiritualist.

The lawyer said the body of the deceased student was intact when it was found.

“Adegoke’s body was intact when it was found. He died of natural causes because he rested his head on his palm. He spread his legs wearily, ”he added.

“There was no mark of violence on his body. The only offense these people committed was unlawful interference and the dumping of the corpse. “

The lawyer also rejected allegations that his client tried to bribe the family of the deceased.

“Adedoyin never sent me to any of the deceased’s family members to bribe them,” he said.

“I never saw any member of the victim’s family. The chief was not there when the incident occurred. I don’t know when his body was discovered in the hotel room, but it seems he died Friday night or Saturday.

“The IPO told me the guy was feeling sick on November 5th which was why the woman was worried and called her husband repeatedly on the 6th without anyone selecting him. The remains were probably discovered on Sunday by one of the workers.

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