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I often ask myself the question, what would I do if I was incredibly rich?

But honestly, I’ve never found an answer that’s as goofy as some of the things the real rich have done.

It seems that when people have millions and millions under their belts and maybe a chip on their shoulder, they come up with a “staggering range” of things that are quite strange.

Consider role-playing with animals, sexualizing horses, eating then shooting inflatable dolls that look like Taylor Swift, and cover yourself in lobsters in an empty restaurant while you mourn your stock losses.

These are all scenarios described in a VICE article in which hotel staff revealed all the goofy things they’ve seen wealthy guests do.

Let’s go.

A member of the housekeeping staff, Shrishti, revealed the strange things the president of a multinational car conglomerate often does when he stays at the hotel:

Late at night, he would walk into the hotel lobby with over two dozen security guards around him, and start crawling and growling on the floor like an animal. He would even ask some of his guards to do the same. It probably gave him a weird power trip.

He then went to dine, not on his own plate but on the plates of his two escorts who sat on either side. He called them Sundari (meaning “beauty”) and Param Sundari (“greatest beauty”). He staged this animal ritual every night in the lobby for nearly a month in front of other visitors who silently witnessed the horror of it all.

He was also someone who apparently “holds immense influence over the who’s who of Indian politics”.

At another hotel, where Willie works as a front desk manager, a guest who is often ranked among the 500 richest people in the world had one of the strangest bereavement sessions I have ever heard of:

Although he is usually very calm, one day his stock plunged to an all-time low. That night, he wanted to sleep on the restaurant table and asked for about twenty cooked lobsters to be placed on his body.

As if that wasn’t weird enough, he had hotel staff empty three bottles of Italian red wine into an ice bucket. He dunked his shirt in that bucket and continued to wipe his face for the next few hours with that thousand-dollar wine-soaked shirt.

Of course, he had pre-booked the restaurant for the extravagant and deprived mourning of its tank stocks.

I have an irresistible urge to know if it works now.

Meanwhile, at one of India’s oldest luxury hotels, Wajiha recounts a rather tragic wedding ceremony:

In the late 1980s, the marriage of the son of a mega-industrialist confronted us all with limits to our sanity we never knew existed. For starters, the groom had a horse and he always wanted to be on it or around it, even in the hall. The horse had to follow him everywhere, whether he was eating or shitting.

It wasn’t until the second or third day that we discovered that he had developed an unhealthy, almost sexual infatuation with the horse. It didn’t take a detective to decipher it; he had named the horse after his ex-wife. And each in his family and that of his [new] wife seemed kind of okay with that.

A Chinese tech millionaire also had an unconventional way of dealing with his grief, which certainly had something to do with Taylor Swift and her “disastrous singing career”:

…every time he came to our hotel, where I work as a bellboy, he demanded that his food be served in a special guitar that he dug himself. At first we pitied it because it looked like a classic case of trauma to our amateur eyes.

But things got out of hand when he wanted to have dinner with an inflatable doll resembling Taylor Swift. The doll itself was richly adorned with jewelry and wore an expensive bathing suit. This continued for a few days until we found the doll riddled with what looked like bullet holes, lying on her back outside her bedroom.

There are other stories to digest, including that of a billionaire sheikh and his many wives in two-story rooms blasting death metal.

You’ll also hear the story of a PETA ambassador forcing hotel staff to go to gargantuan lengths so she could pose with two elephants in a photo shoot.

Dive deeper here, if you dare.



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