Hotel rooms sell out fast ahead of Something in the Water


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — With the Something in the Water festival returning to Virginia Beach from April 28-30, hotel prices have risen dramatically.

Most beachfront hotels start at around $230 a night.

“You’re going to have incredible demand when you bring 90,000 to Virginia Beach. There are only a limited number of hotel rooms in the city. It’s a supply and demand scenario,” said John Zirkle, general manager of the DoubleTree hotel and president of the city’s hotel association.

Zirkle said it would be a great weekend for all businesses.

A News 3 viewer sent us a screenshot showing a 3-night stay in a studio suite at the Embassy Suites Hilton for a whopping $5,302. News 3 checked its site a few hours later to learn that all rooms are now sold out for that weekend.

In 2019, Hampton Roads generated $24 million from the festival’s economic stimulus, resulting in tax revenue of over $1 million.

News 3’s Leondra Head met people on the boardwalk who will be attending the festival.

“We were here a few years ago when they did the first one. It was awesome,” a Virginia Beach resident told News 3 reporter Leondra Head.

They said they won’t have to deal with high hotel prices.

“We live nearby. We’ll probably let people come to our house and save on ridiculous hotel prices,” the resident said.

Others are in the same boat.

“I looked at the prices and they’re outrageous. I live about a mile from here, so I’ll definitely save a lot of money on the stay,” said another Virginia Beach resident.

Beachfront businesses such as Waterman’s Surfside Grille are also eagerly awaiting the economic boost. The owner of the famous seafood restaurant said April is usually the start of tourist season for the waterfront.

“Our income will be slightly higher. Where our income increases is the two weeks leading up to the event because there are so many people in town supporting it between reporters and construction workers,” said Mike Standing.

In 2019, Virginia Beach hotels generated $2.2 million in revenue from the Something in the Water festival.

“Once everyone found out something in the water was coming, it’s not a typical weekend. Now it’s more of a 4th of July weekend,” John Zirkle said.


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