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Felicity worked as a cleaner in a four star hotel in the UK. She shared her experiences with and why kettles can’t be clean.

While many guests try to keep their rooms relatively clean, Felicity said cleaners are exposed to “disgusting” views.

She said: ‘I once found a used sanitary napkin standing on the floor. And the whole room smelled like blue cheese, it was disgusting.

Unfortunately, a number of guests also left their toilets in poor condition and did not clean before departure.

“Please rinse your poop! And don’t forget to put things like makeup wipes in the trash rather than leaving them on the floor,” Felicity said.

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Hotel cleaning staff have a tough job and are often under pressure to get a room ready for the next guest.

Felicity told there are things customers can do to make life easier for cleaning staff.

She said: “If there are two beds in a room and you don’t use one, it’s really good if you don’t touch everything. So I don’t have to do it again.

If there is an extra bed or towels, it is useful for the cleaning staff if the guests do not use it at all during their stay.


She added: “The most annoying moment was cleaning up after a wedding party and there were hair clips all over the floor.

“You can’t suck them up, so we had to go around picking them all up by hand.”

Felicity’s hotel has never had bed bugs, but experts have warned hotel guests never to put their suitcases on the bed as this could risk the creatures getting dressed.

According to experts, the safest place to leave a suitcase is on the luggage rack or in front of the door.


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