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Founder / CEO Jeff Bowes introduces Upkeeply, a platform for hotels to optimize hotel services with a powerful app. Visit Upkeeply at HITEC – Dallas, booth 1607, and find out about our special introductory show!


Hey Jeff … please introduce yourself

What product are you going to present at HITEC?

What makes your product / platform truly unique?

What hotel segments are you targeting with this product?

How can hotels contact you to find out more?

  • Maintenance helps you streamline operations and save money!
    Asset management, preventive maintenance of rooms and equipment, mobile inspections, automatic distribution ticketing system, and much more. Maintenance is an all-in-one application.
  • Securely and comprehensively access your suite of hotel workflow optimization tools.
    Upkeeply works seamlessly as a web app and mobile app, and on all your devices, including Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and MAC OS devices.
  • Stay independent, informed and up to date.
    Monitor the progress of your preventive maintenance program, chat in live video with your teams and employees, and receive real-time updates and notifications from each department.
  • Personalize your report.
    With Upkeeply’s custom report builder, you will no longer need to export various reports to get the result you want.
  • Take your hotel to the next level.
    Replace multiple apps and communication tools with one easy-to-use app designed by industry experts from scratch.

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