Expedia Partner Solutions to Provide Carbon Neutral Hotel Rooms to Key Travel Customers



WHY IT RATES: Expedia Partner Solutions Seeks To Make Travel More Environmentally Friendly. — Donald Wood, Senior Editor, Breaking News.

Key Travel, the world’s largest travel management company specializing in the humanitarian, religious and academic sectors, announced that it has partnered with Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), fueling travel for partners around the world, to provide Key Travel customers with a brand new offering that will provide carbon neutral hotel rooms.

In the new program, each time Key Travel customers book their hotels through Expedia Partner Solutions, Key Travel and EPS will pay the carbon offset monetary amount to Cool Effect, the San Francisco-based nonprofit that supports carbon reduction projects. .

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Cool Effect will invest the funds in the highest quality verified carbon reduction projects around the world. The methodology for quantifying the carbon footprint of hotel stays to be offset was developed in partnership with Greenview and is based on the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index of more than 20,000 hotels around the world.

Business travelers are increasingly aware of sustainable business travel, with 40% saying sustainability is important or very important when choosing suppliers. The program aims to meet the growing demand from business travelers for more sustainable travel options, while continuing critical efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the world.

“At Expedia Partner Solutions, we know that sustainable travel options are important to offer to customers. This innovation allows customers to make this choice with ease. We are delighted to play a direct role in providing carbon neutral hotel reservations and, in doing so, to contribute to the development of carbon reduction projects. Said Alfonso Paredes, senior global vice president and general manager of Expedia Partner Solutions.

Saad Hammad, CEO of Key Travel, concludes: “Key Travel has always innovated and led the way in the specialty TMC market, making travel simple, profitable, safe and sustainable for people who travel for good. This latest innovation, resulting from our partnership with Expedia Partner Solutions, is an exciting and important benefit for our non-profit clients, as it allows them to mitigate their carbon impact at no additional cost to them and enables them to travel sustainably.

THE SOURCE: Expedia Partner Solutions press release.



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