England Marina Club Hotel staff under closed-loop management test positive for COVID-19


A 47-year-old non-local worker under closed-loop management at the England Marina Club hotel, which is used as a medical observation location, tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, authorities announced today (Friday) sanitary.

The male nonlocal worker is a security officer whose job is to distribute meals or other items and perform inspection work, according to the statement released by the Novel Coronavirus Coordination and Response Center.

Health authorities said an investigation into the case and pandemic prevention measures were carried out immediately after the case was reported, including arranging medical quarantine for close contacts.

The England Marina Club hotel is being used as a medical observation hotel for the quarantine of asymptomatic cases.

Considering that the personnel working at the medical observation hotel pose a high risk of infection, the health authorities have drawn up guidelines, which oblige regulatory entities and hotels to comply with them specifically; that is, high-risk workers should be tested for nucleic acid at least once every two days.

Earlier this week, a worker under closed-loop management at the Treasure Hotel, which is also used as a medical observation center, tested positive for COVID-19.

The case, which tested positive on Monday, has led health authorities to require some people staying at the Treasure Hotel to extend their medical observation period until August 20.


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