Emergency services team rescues bull in Hinton – Area News


The crew moves to the rescue.

THIS week’s flood emergency saw local relief agencies tap into seldom-used skills as they were called upon to save all creatures large and small, including a one-tonne bull in Hinton.

The bull had run out of dry land in the rising waters.

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SES Port Stephens advised on Sunday evening that Hinton remains isolated with flood waters in the river currently rising but are not expected to rise further at this time.

However, the high heights of the rivers should remain for several days.

Members of the rescue team had to burst into the bulls location and then used slings and straps and the lure of food to encourage the bull to cooperate.

Alysha Springett, deputy unit commander of the Port Stephens SES unit, told News Of The Area: ‘The NSW SES Port Stephens crews worked alongside members of the Queensland Fire Emergency Services to rescue a bull that had become trapped in the flood waters of the Paterson River in Hinton. ”

SES boat crews worked carefully around flood techs in the water, to ensure their safety during the rescue operation and to steer clear of any large debris coming down the nearby river.

“Water flooding technicians used a mirage of techniques including the use of slings, straps, cajoling and food to get the weary bull to safety.

“The bull was taken to the nearest dry field behind the Victoria Hotel in Hinton,” she said.

The handsome bull, now affectionately known as ‘Sesil’, is now safe and receiving lots of love from the Hinton community.

By Marianne Samson

Lead the bull with straps to head to safety.

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