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Tourists perform their exercises on the sandy beach of the Egyptian resort on the Red Sea in Egypt. PA

The chamber released a statement on Wednesday saying it rejects any form of discrimination after several complaints were recently lodged against a number of restaurants and cafes on the north coast which banned the entry of veiled women.

Some complaints have also been filed with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the CTE statement added.

“The chamber rejects the policy of discrimination in all its forms, in particular that of preventing the entry of veiled women into any tourist establishment, whether it is a restaurant or a café, under the pretext of internal politics. “, adds the press release.

In a circular sent to its members, the chamber affirms that if its mission is to preserve the rights and interests of its members, it is also attentive to the interests of the clientele.

“The chamber has in mind the client’s interest in being served in a way that suits him and [their] the freedom to choose the preferred place for drinks and food, without being derogated from any of their human rights in the first place and their legal rights,” the statement said.

Adel Al-Masry, head of CTE, said most tourist restaurants in the country do not impose any restrictions or conditions on customers as long as they respect public morals and the law of the land.

He pointed out that the country’s constitution and laws governing tourism activities reject any form of discrimination, whether based on religion, race, gender, dress, nationality or social class.

Al-Masry said the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, which oversees these routes, takes legal action if discrimination is found, according to the statement.

He clarified that the CTE received a letter from Mohamed Amer, head of the Central Administration for Hotel Establishments, Commerce and Tourist Activities – which is part of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities – stating that the ministry has received complaints on such practices. against some tourist restaurants and cafes.

The ministry is currently investigating the incidents and taking legal action against the offenders, according to Al-Masry.

The CTE’s statement comes days after the BBC published an investigation, in which it said women wearing the hijab were discriminated against by some “upscale” restaurants and cafes.

Similar complaints have been seen in recent years, as many Egyptian women have complained that they are banned from swimming in some tourist areas because they prefer to wear burkinis, full-body swimsuits, authorities still saying that hotels and beaches are not. aauthorsed to do so. The practice has sparked altercations between those who favor the covering suit and those who don’t.

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