Drunken Brits: Hotel rooms to be fitted with noise monitors in Malaga, Costa del Sol


Drunken Brits: hotel rooms equipped with noise monitors in Malaga, Costa del Sol. Image: EWN

MALAGA Mayor Francisco de la Torre has revealed that hotel rooms in the Costa del Sol town will be fitted with noise monitors as the city council plans to tackle drunken Brits at funerals of boy and girl.

Britons on holiday abroad in Spain will be in for a shock when they party in Malaga as a local mayor has revealed that to combat the noise of stags and drunken hens, the city council plans to equip rooms area hotel noise monitors.

Málaga Mayor Francisco de la Torre said the council was studying “the possibility of installing noise monitors in hotel rooms” after receiving “an increase in complaints in some areas of the city, around five per day, around the center, concerning bachelor parties”.

Torre said: “We are not going to tolerate an uncontrolled city. Whoever comes must abide by the city’s coexistence rules.

The mayor also said on Monday May 9 that the city must do the necessary works so that “there is no feeling that you can come to Malaga [and make noise] without any problems”.

On a sunny weekend after recent hailstorms, Malaga, Andalucia, hosted more than thirty bachelor and bachelorette parties on the streets of the city center, with some celebrations starting as early as noon, according to Carlos Carrera, president of the Neighborhood Association of the Center of Malaga, who noted that these people party “until the body can’t take any more”.

“If you live in a block where there is a tourist apartment, you no longer rest. It is in these apartments that these parties begin and end,” he said.

He added: “Malaga has all the characteristics necessary to attract this Magaluf-type drunken tourism.”

“Leisure places and terraces have increased, as well as the number of bars, concert halls and nightclubs, so that they can do what they do on the street,” he continued.

“People come here to do what they want because nothing is going to happen to them. The police do little or nothing, they seem deaf, blind and dumb. This type of tourism is very harmful, benefits very few people and scares away quality tourism”, as reported malagahoy.es.

Malaga, Spain is a party destination for many British tourists and celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, with bars, clubs and restaurants providing a fun night of entertainment.

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