displaced, 25 families prepare to rebuild their lives from hotel rooms | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Nearly 25 displaced families from Durga Pithuri Lane are preparing to start their lives in hotel rooms amid uncertainty about when they will be able to return home. They had to leave their homes within minutes when cracks appeared in buildings near the site of the East-West subway corridor on Wednesday evening.
The displaced families have been moved to various hotels in central Kolkata, which they say could be their homes for weeks, as the KMRC authorities have not told them anything about when they will be able to return home. A KMRC team led by the AK Nandy (GM) administration met with some residents and assured them of help.
Office workers started commuting to their places of work from hotels while students started studying while sitting in their hotel rooms. The elderly placed deities in a corner of their room to pray daily. “I couldn’t get to the office on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was half a day so I decided to go back to work from the same Monday. I went to collect my bag, ID card and other documents from my house at 19 Durga Pithuri Lane,” said Jayanta Pradhan, a displaced Bowbazar resident and state government employee.
Among the displaced residents, several students are preparing for their exams or have just started the new academic session. Many of them went to Durga Pithuri Lane on Friday to collect their books, school uniforms and schoolbags. “There is no other option. We have to mentally prepare ourselves to continue our lives from hotel rooms,” said Ansika Pandey, who moved to a hotel on Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road with her parents, brother and grandfather. “I started studying in the hotel room even though it’s hard to concentrate. My father also plans to join work from Monday.
In 2019, nearly 350 families had to be relocated to hotels in the region. Some of them had to stay in hotel rooms for weeks. This time, 25 families were displaced. They were accommodated in different hotels in the center of Calcutta. Rooms were assigned to families based on the number of members.
“We don’t know how long we will have to stay in the hotels. Until Saturday evening, we received no information. In such a situation, we have no choice but to accept the situation and prepare to live in hotel rooms for an unforeseen period,” said Sandeep Sau, another displaced resident.

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