Dawn Ranch’s partnership with Fender puts free guitars in hotel rooms


A memorable resort usually has something that sets it apart. Dawn Ranch in Sonoma County, California takes a unique angle to offer something you won’t find elsewhere.

Dawn Ranch has teamed up with Fender Guitars to celebrate the relaunch of its acclaimed California Series Acoustic Guitars. Anyone staying at Dawn Ranch will have access to a Fender Redondo Play, Malibu Player, or Newporter Player guitar.

They will be available for in-room use or “on loan” for use around the hotel’s communal campfire. The station says it undertook the collaboration with Fender to “nurture creativity and encourage a sense of community through music and the arts.”

In addition to the guitar, customers get free access to Fender Play, the guitar maker’s online learning platform that offers lessons for everyone from seasoned players to beginners.

Dawn Ranch, located along the Russian River, spent three years closed during the pandemic and underwent a complete renovation of its rooms, according to its announcement. Now it bills itself as a retreat with gardens, towering redwoods, and 53 guest cabins with access to art workshops, yoga and meditation groups, community campfires, hiking trails, and access to kayaking on the Russian River.

Having a guitar in the room is a small thing, but sometimes it’s those little things that make a trip memorable or just break the bond between two places you plan to stay.


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