Customer shares odd request he made to hotel staff in 2019 that he fulfilled


Tommy wasn’t sure what to expect when he asked the hotel staff to do something extremely abnormal for him. Surprisingly, they made her wishes come true in the nicest way possible.

TikToker Tommy decided to go for a little social experiment which he shared on the social media site. Relying on his email, @tommymodeactivated asked hotel staff to provide him with the strangest request.

While he called for an unorthodox game that can usually be greeted with an unwelcoming response, the TikTok user received a perfectly professional email in return. The accommodation establishment wrote that they would do their best to satisfy their deep desire for apples.

In his original email, Tommy asked if hotel workers would be willing to hide an apple in his room because finding the fruit, the TikToker claimed, relieves his stress. He didn’t care what kind of apple it was. @tommymodeactivated wrote, share:

“I recently had a ‘Papple’ that I didn’t really like – I think it was a pear / apple hybrid.”

Not knowing what to expect, the TikToker arrived at the hotel where the lady at the front desk laughed, mentioning that he was the “apple boy”. She then informed Tommy that they had hidden five of these fruits in his room.

Upon entering, the hotel guest discovered that the staff had really gone out of their way with a map on their bed advising the TikTok user of their next scavenger hunt. The card in part read:

“Dear Thomas, the house is where the apples are hidden … Let me know how many apples you find.”

Tommy immediately started looking for apples. The TikToker found the first in a microwave, the second under bed pillows, the third in a refrigerator, and the fourth in a drawer.

@tommymodeactivated couldn’t find the fifth hidden fruit but found it the next day in kettle In a drawer. Many commentators laughed at where he was looking for apples, such as in the toilet.

She claimed that some guests used to use [the coffee machine] as a toilet.

Many were impressed with the customer service. An individual Express that they have worked in industry before, and she and her colleagues would like to participate in these types of requests.

While Tommy gave viewers a good look at his time at the hotel, there are dark secrets to be discovered behind the scenes. Angela Riihiluoma, a former employee of the industry, chose to exhibit them.

Speaking to TikTok, she warned viewers of two things people should never use in rooms for some very disgusting reason. The TikTok user warned everyone not to use the glasses in the bathroom because they are not cleaned properly.

Riihiluoma also encouraged her fellow TikTokers to refrain from using the coffee machine, as she claimed some guests used to use it as a toilet. One can only hope that Tommy knew this advice before entering his room.

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