Croke Park Hotel is upgrading its bar and restaurants


The Croke Park Hotel, part of the family-run hotel group The Doyle Collection, has renovated its lobby, Sideline Bar and Hawthorn Restaurant, as well as its adjoining outdoor terrace and landscaped courtyard covered with a retractable roof.

The hotel said the overall design scheme highlights home comforts with plush materials and soft hues, with a backdrop of eclectic contemporary furnishings and artwork with the use of prints and of bright colors, ensuring synergy in the recently renovated areas.

Open for lunch and brunch seven days a week, The Sideline Bar has new paneling on the walls for a greater sense of privacy, with a new glass and brass screen adding to the open layout.

The bar counter has been revamped and the space adjoining the fireplace has become an intimate cocoon with soft velvet banquets and comfortable sofas.

“A color palette of reds, blues, and blacks combined with striking geometric and floral patterns bring energy and create atmosphere,” the hotel explains.

The restyled Hawthorn Restaurant is decorated in a hue of bright moss and furnished with blue velvet and terracotta banquettes.

Croke Park’s private rooms – The Long Room and The Blue Room – have also been revamped.

The hotel said the new look “reflects the vision of Chairman Bernie Gallagher”, in collaboration with the architect Denis Lobylong-time consultant for The Doyle Collection.

Bernie Gallagher commented: “Through this large-scale renovation, we wanted to create a real sense of escape to an exotic and unfamiliar place, as well as instilling in each guest a sense of calm and belonging, as we do in all the social areas of our hotels.

The Croke Park Hotel Library

“Bright and bold wallpapers paired with rich, natural tones and textures transport guests to the Mediterranean, while light and elegant design touches create an oasis from the bustling streets of Dublin.

“Comfort and convenience continue to be at the forefront of design and the overall effect is chic, elegant and warm, making for a truly memorable customer experience.”


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