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A condo building in downtown Sidney is currently being converted into a hotel.

Administrative manager Randy Humble said staff are currently processing a building permit to convert the residential units at 9838 Second St. into hotel units.

“There are fewer than 10 units in the building,” he said, adding that the application will not go to council because the downtown commercial zoning for the property allows it to be used as a hotel.

The building would face higher commercial than residential taxes once it is converted, staff said late last year when news of the proposed convergence first emerged. Com. Sara Duncan expressed concern about the conversion taking place at the time.

Duncan had discussed the issue as part of a larger discussion about short-term rentals. Housing advocates have long accused short-term rental platforms of worsening the shortage of affordable housing by removing them from the rental supply. They have also found allies among hoteliers, who view short-term rentals as a threat to workforce housing, and as competitors, since they operate from private homes taxed at residential rates. lower.

Councilors at the time unanimously approved a motion asking staff to continue enforcing short-term rentals with a proactive approach for the next 12 months and then reassess.

Discussion at the time also drew attention to the definition of a hotel. “A hotel is simply defined as a collection of rooms accessed by a common lobby,” Corey Newcomb, Sidney’s senior director of long-range planning, said at the time.

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