Coimbatore cop filmed attacking hotel staff and asking them to lower shutters to prevent the spread of Covid


A sub-inspector at Kattoor Police Station in Coimbatore was caught on camera attacking hotel staff and allegedly asking them to lower the shutters to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The incident took place around 10:21 p.m. Sunday evening. Hotels and restaurants have been allowed to operate until 11 p.m. in Tamil Nadu.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the policeman, identified as Muthu, entering the Sri Raja Hotel at 10:21 p.m. The hotel at that time had kept its shutters ajar and a few customers were seen eating. The footage then shows the policeman beating hotel workers with his lathi, with a woman also injured.

Five people, including a woman, were injured in the incident. The video has gone viral on social media.

In accordance with the latest Covid restrictions issued by the government of Tamil Nadu, restaurants, food courts, tea rooms (both on-site and take-out) are allowed to operate until 11 p.m. Catering areas must operate at 50% of their capacity.

According to the complaint filed by the owner of Hotel B Mohanraj to the Coimbatore City Commissioner, the police officer came to their hotel after 10 p.m. and asked them to lower the shutters because Inspector Kattoor Latha had to. come to the region during night rounds.

He added that the hotel shutters were half down and a group of women from Hosur came to ask the owner to provide them with food as they had a bus to take and they were hungry. So the hotel had served them dosas, that’s when the cop walked in.

The complainant also claimed that Inspector Latha has been intimidating traders in the area for some time.

Jayalakshmi, who was one of the people beaten by the policeman, said: “We got to the hotel around 10:20 pm. As the police had previously asked the owner of the hotel to shut down, they turned off the lights and kept the shutters half-closed. We were doing our dosas when a policeman suddenly entered and beat us. “

She added, “We were asked to stand up and we started to panic. I had no space to get away from the place. When the cop beat the others, the lathi hit me on the head. I was in great pain so I sat down holding my head. The policeman seemed to apologize to me but I was not sure. I didn’t hear anything because I was in complete shock, ”she said.

On the basis of instructions from ADGP City Commissioner Davidson Devasirvatham, the SI was immediately transferred to the control room and an investigation was opened against him.

The National Human Rights Commission asked the police commissioner for a detailed report on the incident.

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