Citayam Fashion Week, clash between creativity and public facilities


The Dukuh Atas district and Sudirman Avenue in Central Jakarta have recently become the center of attention, not only in the capital and its surroundings, but also throughout the country.

Dukuh Atas has gone viral with its “Citayam Fashion Week”, where young people gather and hold an impromptu and informal fashion show, with models parading on a marked crosswalk.

The fame of the area increased when several teenagers came to visit during school holidays and weekends to enjoy the view of the skyscrapers.

Dukuh Atas is accessible to everyone by taking the suburban train (KRL) and getting off at Sudirman station or by taking the rapid transit bus, TransJakarta.

People can also take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and get off at Dukuh Atas station. A few meters from the station is the Kendal Tunnel, with its colorful graffiti murals.

Teenagers from Jakarta’s Buffer Zone or surrounding areas, such as Citayam, Bojonggede and Depok, invaded Sudirman Avenue on Dukuh Atas, so now the area is known as “SCBD”.

Some of the young people uploaded their activities on social media platforms, and some media outlets also interviewed them.

Suburban teenagers, with their quirky yet creative fashion style, playful gestures, and slang “slebew”, a word pronounced as an expression referring to something vulgar, sparked a new interest in society.

The Dukuh Atas area was usually crossed by several office workers or those who will leave for Soekarno-Hatta airport from BNI City station.

Several teenage personalities rose to fame as they went viral on social media, such as jeje, bong, Roy, and Kurma.

fashion contest

Young people, who participate in Citayam fashion show, usually showcase their creative fashion style, walking like models on a crosswalk in Tanjung Karang Road, Dukuh Atas.

They wear eccentric outfits, such as denim jackets and jeans, as well as unique and colorful hats, glasses, and shoes.

It is not yet known why it is called the Citayam Fashion Show, but it may be because most of the teenagers attending the occasion were from Citayam in West Java.

Citayam Fashion Week turned into a fashion contest that attracted a few celebrities to join the phenomenon.

Not only artists, but some government officials, such as Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and some EU officials also tried to make their presence felt at the zebra crossing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria supported and praised the creativity of young people attending Citayam Fashion Week as they express themselves with local products.

However, he admitted that the event had caused some problems, such as sidewalks currently not working properly. For example, pedestrians and office workers had difficulty getting around.

Although the ongoing implementation of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Jakarta and the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, crowds in Dukuh Atas are usually large.

During evenings and weekends, the area tends to get crowded, and many of them don’t wear masks to protect themselves from COVID-19 transmission.

Thus, joint officers were deployed daily to ensure order, although their number was smaller than that of visitors.

Governor Baswedan did not ban teenagers from doing fashion shows in Dukuh Atas.

He explained that their activities can only be banned when there is a letter of decree, so contrasting answers cannot ban them.

“As long as there is no letter (decree), there is no ban,” Baswedan told Jakarta City Hall on July 22.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organization, Jakarta Watch, questioned why the event was still taking place despite not complying with road traffic and facility designation.

According to Jakarta Watch, the Road Traffic and Transport Law No. 22 of 2009 regulates the rights of pedestrians to have crossings, sidewalks and other facilities.

Meanwhile, Article 132 states that pedestrians are required to use the established square (zebra crossing) when crossing.

Violation of the law carries a prison sentence of one to two years and a fine of Rp 24 to 50 million can be applied.

Moreover, Citayam Fashion Week has shown that there are a large number of teenage smokers visiting the area.

Some of the cigarette and plastic waste had been found strewn at several points.

Additionally, some teenagers were found falling asleep on the walkway. The Jakarta Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) has taken measures to prevent possible violence against children.

Some vehicles were also illegally parked on the sidewalks and bike lanes of Sudirman Avenue.
Traffic jams also occurred as several visitors parked their motorbikes while dozens of vehicles headed towards Kota Bumi and Tanjung Karang streets.

The traffic jam occurred from the direction of Senayan roundabout to Indonesia (HI) hotel roundabout.

Young people attending Citayam Fashion Week need a proper platform that can accommodate their creativity without disrupting public facilities.

Several locations can be alternatives, such as Jakarta City Hall, Sarinah Mall, or Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Park.

Deputy Governor Patria pointed out that National Monument South Square (Monas), Lapangan Banteng Park and Kota Tua (Old Jakarta) may also be options.

Jakarta police also suggested that the fashion show be held on the car-free day, as no cars pass during the implementation, every Sunday from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. local time.

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