‘Chris Paul had hotel rooms set up to watch playoffs and play cards’: NBA Insider Brian Windhorst reveals CP3 instituted curfew for teammates at NOLA


Veteran point guard Chris Paul had instituted a curfew for his Suns teammates during their road games in New Orleans.

After giving Suns fans a scare, Chris Paul and his teammates took care of things in Game 6 by beating the Pelicans at NOLA. Devin Booker would return to the lineup after missing three games with a hamstring injury. However, the sixth game was a Chris Paul Show.

The Suns will now face Luka Doncic and the Mavericks in the Western Conference Semifinals. During a recent episode of Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective, the ESPN analyst revealed that CP3 was instituting a curfew for his Suns teammates during their road games against the Pelicans.

These rules did not come from the coaching staff or management, but were devised by Paul. While Windy isn’t sure when the curfew will be, he revealed that Paul has set up hotel rooms for himself and his teammates to watch playoff games and play cards.

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With the team sticking together as a unit and playing by Point God rules, results would follow, with the Suns getting the W in Game 6 and winning the series.

Chris Paul and the Suns are settling for nothing less than a championship.

After suffering a heartbreaking loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals despite leading 2-0 to start, the Suns came back better than before in the 2021-22 season. Monty Williams and his men will finish their campaign with 64 victories, the most in franchise history.

The duo of Cp3 and D-Book have formed the best backcourt duo this season, with Paul leading the league in assists and Booker arguing for MVP. Suns forward Mikal Bridges has shown phenomenal growth, especially on the defensive side of the plans.

Paul, 36, has led by example, taking the reins of his team in clutch moments, particularly during Booker’s absence. In the decisive victory against the Pelicans, CP3 dropped 33 points on 100% FG and had 8 assists during the game.

After playing 17 seasons in the NBA, Paul has established himself as one of the all-time point guards. The twelve-time All-Star possesses a high basketball IQ and is one of the top tier generals. However, his decorated CV is still missing a championship ring.

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Thus, it is hoped that CP3 will seal the deal this year, completing the Suns’ iconic season with a championship.


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