Bonuses for hotels and tourist facilities: how it works


The Ministry of Tourism is working on the telematic platform for requests from awesome 80% bonus and the non-refundable grant for hotels and tourist facilities provided for by the end of year Pnrr decree (Legislative Decree 152/2021).

Among the expenses eligible for the hotel bonus: increased energy efficiency, anti-seismic works, elimination of architectural barriers, building renovations, thermal pools, digitization but also the purchase of furniture and furnishing elements.

It is possible to apply, with a limit maximum 40,000 euros per activityfor work from November 7, 2021 end of 2024.

What are hotel bonuses?

The hotel bonus was introduced by Decree-Law 152/2021 implementing the PNRR, and provides for the possibility of benefiting from a tax credit up to 80% and thatnon-refundable contribution up to 50% expenses incurred to carry out certain types of interventions.

Hotel bonuses, who it is for

Are eligible for the service:

  • hotels;
  • farms;
  • outdoor accommodation facilities;
  • businesses in the tourism, leisure, exhibition and convention sectors;
  • bathing facilities;
  • thermal complexes;
  • tourist ports;
  • theme parks, water and animal parks.

The bonus is also recognized for companies that hold the right of ownership of the real estate structures in which one of the entrepreneurial activities described is carried out.

Hotel bonuses, what interventions are allowed

Here are the eligible interventions, contained in the list published by the Ministry of Tourism on February 4, 2022:

  • energetic efficiency;
  • anti-seismic requalification;
  • removal of architectural barriers;
  • extraordinary maintenance interventions;
  • conservative restoration and rehabilitation;
  • thermal pools;
  • restructuring interventions;
  • digitization expenses;
  • purchase of furniture and furnishing elements.

Hotel bonuses, amounts

The hotel premium offers a tax credit to cover expenses up to 80% of those actually incurred, but also non-refundable contributions (up to 50% of expenses) with a limit of 40,000 euros. To this amount are added, in the presence of special requirements, the following figures

  • €30,000 if the digitization and innovation works of the structures in terms of technology and energy are equal to at least 15% of the total of the intervention;
  • 20,000 euros for female and young entrepreneurship (up to 35 years old);
  • 10,000 euros for companies or companies with their operational headquarters in the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

Hotel bonuses, how to apply

Applications for the 2022 Hotel Bonus can be submitted through the appropriate online platform set up by the Ministry of Tourism. As soon as the window opens, businesses will have 30 days to submit your requests. The Ministry, within 60 days, will respond and publish the list of recipients and the relative amounts due.

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