Avendra Selects TraknProtect as Preferred Supplier of Hotel Staff Security and Location Based Technology


Chicago, IllinoisTraknProtect, a pioneer in location technology specifically designed for the hospitality industry and a leading provider of employee security buttons for several major hotel brands, is pleased to announce today that it has been selected as preferred supplier of security buttons by Avendra, leader in hospitality supply services. After successfully completing a strict supplier approval process, TraknProtect is now ready to provide Avendra members such as Hyatt Hotels with seamless access to its industry-proven, advanced location-based solutions for lead to safer, more efficient and more profitable hotel operations.

With the safety of hotel employees remaining a top priority for industry professionals as well as for legislative authorities, TraknProtect is poised to provide Avendra members with the most advanced staff safety button functionality and the most specially designed in the industry. By ensuring that employees are equipped with their own alerting device and through a network of gateways, TraknProtect can ensure that a push of a button instantly transmits the correct room number to the appropriate personnel in the event of an emergency. As national, regional and local governments continue to pass new laws regarding personnel button security button requirements, TraknProtect’s solution notably provides Avendra customers with the ability to fully comply with these laws, as well as the ability to fully comply with these laws. ” union requirements and also comply with brand requirements under AHLA’s 5-star promise. Additionally, TraknProtect is the only button security solution to provide flexible deployment using its own proprietary gateways, BLE / WiFi gateways, cellular LTE solution or by leveraging existing wireless access points (WAPs) from hotel.

Unlike competing security button solutions, TraknProtect’s gateway network is also the only platform currently capable of simultaneously providing hoteliers with the full range of benefits associated with location technology. Avendra members can, for example, use the same network to deploy TraknKleen, an essential tool that ensures strict adherence to tightened cleaning regulations at all times. The solution is significantly capable of achieving this goal by triangulating data from multiple sources such as staff ID cards, housekeeping carts, and cleaning supplies to provide a real-time snapshot of areas that have been cleaned and still require staff attention.

“Today’s hoteliers need robust solutions that can address a wide range of industry challenges, and we are honored to partner with Avendra to provide their members with a platform that has been proven to work simultaneously. to maximize the safety of staff and customers, while maintaining the highest level of operating efficiency to ensure continued profitability ”, said Parminder Batra, Founder and CEO of TraknProtect. “Our Preferred Supplier status with Avendra means that its members can now take full advantage of the only location-based solution specifically designed for the diverse needs of the post-COVID hospitality market, and we look forward to seeing everyone make the transition. to become a more adaptive, secure and prosperous hotel industry. “

As the hospitality industry continues to struggle with a shrinking workforce, the TraknProtect gateway network can also be used to minimize the time spent tracking and monitoring assets. By simply attaching a small tag to items such as luggage carts, rollaway beds, room service trays, or bulk meals, employees can always know the precise location of an item to ensure instant availability. for the following guests. TraknProtect’s asset tracking capabilities can also prevent an item from being lost or stolen, resulting in substantial savings for hotel operators.

The TraknProtect gateway network even offers the ability to track the real-time on-site location of third-party vendors. By deploying this feature, Avendra customers can instantly give a significant boost to their security operations by always knowing exactly who is currently on the property and where. Hoteliers can also ensure that all supplier timesheets accurately reflect the time spent performing a service to avoid the risk of overcharging. With the TraknProtect solution, further capable of providing in-depth analysis of supplier movements and time spent at a property, hoteliers can even identify more efficient workforce management methods that lead to cost savings. higher costs.

For more information on the full range of TraknProtect solutions, please visit www.traknprotect.com.

About TraknProtect | TraknProtect is a provider of real-time location technology that enables hotels to harness the power of location data and integrate it into their security and operating systems. TraknProtect provides Enhanced Security Devices (ESDs) to hotel employees through the activation of an integrated security button solution alerting security personnel to the location of employees in need of assistance. The platform provides additional access to locations and real-time data on hotel inventory, room service platters, and vendor activity on the property. The TraknProtect software platform also enables hotels to improve guest satisfaction, increase employee efficiency and improve employee safety by using TraknProtect data analytics to save significant investment costs and make smarter inventory purchasing decisions and better management of external suppliers. For more information, please visit www.traknprotect.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


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