Armaan Malik on the death of KK


Videos of KK feeling uncomfortable and sweating profusely during his live performance are all over social media. The concert was overcrowded and this raised many questions.

“Do the security guards/police/show organizers realize what they have done by allowing so many people into an auditorium meant for 2000 people? Will the authorities in Nazrul Mancha now wake up please ?” wrote Rupsha Dasgupta who works for Fossils, a rock band based in Kolkata.


Armaan Malik also said that gigs in India need better management.

“Gigs in India need better management, medical facilities and emergency facilities. I have seen and been to far too many shows which do not provide us with the right conditions to perform. But yet , being the artists that we are, we continue with the performance because we don’t want to disappoint our fans.”

When a Twitter user asked Malik why singers don’t ask for better facilities, he replied, “For your information, many artists don’t even have show contracts with promoters and if they’re at a level where they do and they were properly followed. we wouldn’t have to see a day like this. When artists respect their contracts and don’t move, the promoters say “attitude bahut hai, maangein toh dekho” (the promoters say: “You have a lot of attitude, look at the requests).”

He added, “And now this artist is not booked and his live business suffers (which is the main income of any artist in this country) because we don’t make money singing songs. I guess you didn’t know either. We would all want these facilities for our shows, do we get them? NO”.

Meanwhile, the post-mortem report confirmed that singer KK passed away from cardiac arrest. The report also said he had weak lungs and liver, Times Now reports.

KK performed at a college-hosted concert in Nazrul Mancha in South Kolkata for almost an hour in the evening. He “felt heavy” after reaching his hotel and quickly collapsed, officials said. He was taken to a nearby private hospital where doctors pronounced him dead, they said. “KK was brought to the hospital around 10 p.m. It’s a shame we couldn’t treat him,” a senior hospital official said. Doctors at the hospital said they suspected “cardiac arrest” as the cause of death. A senior Kolkata police officer told PTI that an autopsy will be carried out on Wednesday to determine the exact cause of death.

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