Sixty of 93 refugee hotels will close in 2020

Sixty of the 93 reception openings currently created in hotels for asylum seekers on the continent will be closed in 2020 and residents will be transferred to other establishments or will be included in the ESTIA integration program of the Agence des Nations United Refugee Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Notis Mitarakis said Thursday.

Mitarakis was addressing a training seminar for the 32 governors chosen for the existing temporary reception facilities on the continent.

“This will be the first time that these facilities will have governors, who will report directly to the Greek state,” he said.

According to the minister, their selection was made on the basis of their formal qualifications and ability to manage the facilities, establish communication with resident asylum seekers and local communities.

In his speech, Mitarakis also told the new governors that 40,000 decisions made by the asylum service during the lockdown will have to be distributed by them to the applicants.

The ESTIA program – officially known as the Emergency Integration and Housing Assistance Program – provides urban accommodation and financial assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and is co-financed by the Asylum Fund , Migration and Integration of the European Union.

As of May 25, 2020, the total number of housing units for refugees and asylum seekers created under the ESTIA program was 25,503.

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